How Big Can Lab-Grown Diamonds Grow?

When we think about a diamond or imagine a certain diamond; size is an important factor. Lab-grown diamonds are the epitome of science and technology. Not only they are […More]

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What Are The Worst Diamond Inclusions?

Diamond Inclusions are also known as flaws or blemishes and are a not so uncommon occurrence that a diamond possesses. Though they typically mean something which diminishes the sparkle […More]

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Lab Created Diamonds vs Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia looks similar to mined and lab created diamonds. Although CZs are made of completely different chemical composition. There are many differences between lab-grown diamonds and CZs. Today […More]

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Does Diamond Feel Warm To The Touch?

Diamonds are one of the rarest materials known to mankind with marvelous physical as well as chemical characteristics. They showcase extreme hardness, durability, and possess extreme electrical and thermal […More]

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Lab-Grown Diamond Care Tips

Diamond Care – Diamond pieces of jewelry are worn by a countless number of people all over the world every day. But when it comes to their maintenance part, […More]

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Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Get Cloudy?

Diamonds are one of nature’s most beautiful and rare formations that are discovered by human beings. The natural ones are form deep inside the earth’s core under extreme temperature. […More]

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Is There Anything Harder Than Diamond?

Among all the elements that are present in nature, perhaps the most fascinating and astonishing element one is carbon. Having the most unique physical and chemical properties. It is […More]

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