Why Millennials Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?


Before indulging ourselves over the fact about millennia’s preferring lab-grown diamond. Let us first have a clear-cut idea about what exactly are the “lab-grown” diamonds.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds


There is still a certain amount of population in this world. That is ignorant about the difference between the various types of diamonds and their alternatives; so, to speak. Often a simple question, but asked many times is whether these “lab-grown diamonds are real or not”. 

Now, answering the former confusion, Lab-created diamonds are an alternative “invention” we can say, invented to meet the demand of diamonds overall in this world. With the help of science and technology, we have come up with ways. Where we can replicate the natural diamond formation scenario, inside our very labs and gemstone organizations. And by such, we can produce diamonds which are exactly like the ones that are naturally grown or produced; without the hassle of mining them deep down from the surface. 

The idea of “Lab-grown” diamonds being “fake” simply came up in people’s minds. Because of the terms that are associated with these beauties. They are also known as “synthetic” or “artificially produced” diamonds. Such terminologies, of course, paint an idea. That these diamonds are made by human ways and are not a gift of nature; to speak. But, if one refers to the logical proofs of these diamonds and compares them with the naturally grown diamonds. They will be able to see why they are no different from them. Having the same physical, chemical, and visual properties as their natural counterparts. They are the superior choice as well simply because they cost less than natural diamonds. And most of the time contain fewer amounts of impurities and imperfections in them being produced under expert jurisdictions. Hence, we claim these lab-produced diamonds to be as real as the natural ones.

Reasons Millennia’s Are Choosing Lab-Grown Diamond


The millennia can be termed as the generations of people. Who are the combination of the periods, the past, as well as the future. Now, such being said, most of us fall among this so-called timeframe. And hence we might just claim to have the widest span of knowledge and logical mindset. That people ever had or will, in the future. That’s why it doesn’t fear us to accept the new and uncertain and break away from age-old beliefs. People of this generation have all the freedom for their decisions, actions, and speech. They can do whatever they feel is good or best from them and nobody can question or stop them from acting and doing so.

After a question that was asked in the Economist in 2016, about why the millennia are not buying diamonds; there came a wide span of personal insights among everybody’s minds as to what exactly the reason can be. The feedback though unfolded the actual truth or to speak started a universal trend about millennia’s opting for the new diamonds the lab-grown diamonds. 

This simply is because lab-grown diamond provide a wide range of reasons and alternatives over the naturally grown diamonds. And there are scientific reports, analytical studies behind each of these reasons to back up such decisions.

For the readers to get a much clearer idea about the reasons. Below the best of the benefits that these lab-grown tend to provide. It is recommended one to follow.

Online Sales & Shopping


Though this cannot be affirm as one of the direct benefits that we can get from lab-grown diamond. It is most obvious when the modern age marketing system comes to question. Gone are the times when for purchasing any product, people used to go to stores and shops. Forming crowds and queues and had to wait for their turn. Moreover, retail shops tend to have salesmen who often seem a bit too pushy about their diamonds. And the personal decision-making space of the customer get cover with their sales pitches.

With modern-day availability of internet almost everywhere on this planet. Departmental diamond stores and jewelry companies have come up with the idea of selling their diamonds online. Which means that one can order any kind and type of diamond directly from their very own homes without any hassle or worries. These companies provide brilliant services like 24/7 customer support and HD videography and photography of the diamonds. And jewels along with a variety of choices for the shape and size and color of the stones along with the ring styles, metals, and sizes available.

There are also return policies for a short period, meaning which people can order, try, and return the diamond ring enabling them to determine their best fit and style statement. Such, ease, and convenience were not at all available during the early times. Which is the reason why our grandparents and parents often seem startled while they notice these services for the very first time!



Probably the most obvious and real cause for the modern trend that lab-grown diamonds tend to provide. Yes, these beauties are bangs for the buck. Gone are the times when purchasing a diamond or diamond ring would mean a hefty amount of dollars and would be a reason to worry. Engagements are beautiful and so are these lab-grown diamonds. And beauties should not come with headaches and hassles, right? 

Lab-grown diamonds are almost 25- 30 percent cheap from their naturally grown counterparts in terms of their prices. And not only that, but they also provide the buyers with a lot more possibilities regarding their shapes, cut styles, and sizes. One can choose from varieties of color options too. As for lab-grown diamonds fancy shapes and colors usually mean them being even cheaper. If one is still confused, they can search the web or look for the difference between the price difference in between a lab-grown a natural diamond of the same carat weight and look for themselves.

Ethical Option


Another great thing about these lab-grown diamonds is their source of origin. While people may question these diamonds for their names; the logical and firm minded ones tend to prefer these diamonds rather than the natural ones. Simply because they come from a 100 percent ethically place of origin and is not in any way alike with the “Blood diamond” term. Which the natural diamonds are famous for. Lab-grown diamonds are the best bets for couples. Who don’t want their diamonds to be conflict and violent practices.

Environment Friendly


This simply can be understood if the total energy and resource requirement for producing both the diamonds is taken into concern. Mined diamonds need a lot of physical labor for their mining processes. A lot of heavy types of machinery which tend to use huge amounts of electrical energy and mostly digging out enormous holes in the earth’s surface. Which hampers the environment and diversity of the nearby places and wildlife.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are produced inside closed chambers in scientific labs. Under the jurisdiction and supervision of a few numbers of geologists and scientists and by using a few types of machinery and gadgets. Which are nowhere near to the machines used for mining processes of natural diamonds in terms of energy consumption and sizes.


We in any way are not trying to persuade the readers and the customers for going for the lab-grown diamond directly because we respect the personal view and choice that one tends to have. We are only providing our readers with the essentials, i.e., the information and outlooks about both the types of diamonds that are there in this market.

The ultimate choice should always lie to the preference of the buyer, and it should signify the representation of his or her idea about love and romance.