What is Halo Style Ring?


Halo style ring has become one of the most popular choice in diamond ring setting in the recent years, halo add extra dazzle to diamond ring and makes the ring look bigger and stunner. Halo style ring draws attention to the diamond engagement ring, they look bigger and bolder than the classic solitaire ring. Today we going to learn in detail about pros and cons of halo style engagement ring.

History & Origin of Halo Engagement Rings

Within the past few years, the halo diamond ring has exploded in popularity. The origin of the halo ring will be derived as way back far early Georgian era in Europe, that occurred throughout the years 1714-1837. During this era, round diamonds were used and that they were only slighter smaller than the center diamond. Pearls were used sometimes as well. The Victorian era (1837-1901) was even in style for halo engagement rings. During the Victorian era, colored gemstones were usually used as center stones to imitate nature’s flowers. The classic diamond halo setting of nowadays really originates from the art deco Era in the 1920s. The art deco movement was best-known for its emphasis on symmetry and geometric patterns. Since the halo diamond ring includes diamond circles surrounding a diamond round center stone, that was excellent for art deco aesthetics.

Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Halo setting is a ring of accent diamond encircle the center diamond typically in a pave setting or micro pave setting side diamonds. The term pave, in French means “to pave” in jewelry, refers to a pattern of small diamonds carefully placed together. Halo can make even smallest carat weight diamond ring look huge. That said, it might look like to be choosing a halo band means that you have got to convey upon adding personality to your ring. Halo add extra glitz’s and glimmer to any shape of diamond ring. You can also personalize your halo engagement ring by choosing your favorite center diamond shape. There are huge variety for this type of ring, from classic round halo engagement ring to cushion cut halo ring. Some shapes are riding in popularity are princess, pear, and emerald halo diamond ring.

Different Types of Halo Style Rings

Below is the quick guide to the known different style that offer even more personalization to your diamond ring. Each design featuring a pave halo setting, is romantic and classic.

Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Split Shank Halo French Pave Round Diamond Engagement Ring

With this style the shank of engagement ring splits into two when it comes close to halo and center diamond. Halo is supported by two split band rather than one that stem from center stone, it is considered a split shank halo diamond engagement ring. This split shank halo ring is perfect for the one who wants something classic but also unique.

Plain Shank Halo Engagement Ring

Wide Band Cathedral Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This plain shank halo engagement ring style is a classic choice, this ring features gorgeous high polished shank with dazzling halo diamonds encircles the center diamond. Halo adds extra luxury to this plain style of ring, ensuring the center stone is getting all the attention. This breathtaking ring style can also go with different shapes of center diamond.

Double Halo Engagement Ring

French Set Pave Double Halo Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

On the contrary this style of halo ring for the one who feels more is more and wants extra dazzle to ring. This style of ring pays respect to the original halo design and adds to it a second line of diamonds encircling the center diamond. Yes, this style costs more than a single halo. Double halo increase the appearance and makes your diamond look a half carat bigger.

Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Hidden Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring

A hidden halo is a type of halo style, the loop of diamond sits below the center diamond under the prong tips. When viewing this style of halo ring from top, you won’t see the hidden halo but it leaves a lasting impression when viewed from different angles. Hidden halo engagement ring is ideal for someone who wants a classic look but doesn’t want a diamond.

Twisted Halo Engagement Ring

French Pave Twisted Halo Engagement Ring

This style of halo ring adds unique personality to a ring with a twisted shank.

Twisted shank creates a dramatic display of fire and sparkle, offers a unique attention-grabbing appearance. Perfect for the one who’s looking for a dramatic look with halo style.

Pros Of Halo Engagement Ring

The bigger benefits of halo engagement ring is it boosts the size and appearance of the center diamond and make the ring look bigger. This can save your money on the center diamond. Smaller stones on halo enhance the ring’s overall sparkle also compliments the variety of diamond shapes and gemstone. Smaller stones cost less then bigger one, so you get even more sparkle for your buck. One overlooked benefit of the halo is that it securely holds and protects the center stone.

Cons Of Halo Engagement Ring

Yes, Halo engagement ring can get damaged if not cared properly. This style ring requires more cleaning than simpler ring styles or setting. May not be hands-on for those who do frequent work with their hands. Smaller stones may become loose over time.

Selection Of Halo Diamond Engagement Rings