Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Get Cloudy?


Diamonds are one of nature’s most beautiful and rare formations that are discovered by human beings. The natural ones are form deep inside the earth’s core under extreme temperature. And pressure and are mined with the help of extensive mining processes utilizing large costly machines and along with it need a great amount of manpower.

Lab-grown diamonds are the diamonds that are artificially produce in a lab with the help of certain machines. And the more cost-efficient approach of getting them as per their need for the jewelry and gemstone business. This is done by mimicking the natural process of the nature. That a diamond goes through but inside closed containers inside a laboratory under professional jurisdiction. They are equivalent to the naturally mined diamonds. And are similar to them in terms of their looks, physical and chemical properties. Thus, they are also the same as their natural counterparts in terms of their perniciousness and authenticity.

They also have certain imperfections and inclusions to them as they undergo the same process that the natural diamonds go through; but as they are produce under expert supervision and jurisdiction, these inclusions are minimize to a certain extent.

Reasons For A Diamond To Seem Hazy Or Cloudy


There may be various reasons as to why a diamond may be appearing dull or cloudy or foggy. It is not possible to exactly tell the causes of these if they are not inspected by the experts or gemologists to diagnose. Below are some of the cause as to why a diamond may seem cloudy or appear a bit sparkle-less:-

Oxidation Of The Diamond Surface


If inspected closely, one might see a certain form of a film or oiliness on the surface of a cloudy looking diamond. This happens due to the oxidization of the diamond surface in the presence of high temperatures. Such diamonds are also termed as “smoked” diamonds.

But, one need not get worried as such occurrences can be reverted by simply re-polishing the diamond. By using certain gem polishing liquids available in the market or by sending them for polishing to specific diamond experts.

Fluorescence Or Cloudy Looking Diamonds


Some diamonds have a certain fluorescence to them which is particularly visible in the presence of UV or Ultra Violet light sources. Such diamonds particularly have their fluorescence nature written or specified in their certificates, namely descriptions like nil, slight, medium, or strong. The ones with strong fluorescence appear hazy or milky in the presence of strong daylights and will specifically glow in the presence of UV rays upon them.

Diamonds Having Clarity Characteristics


Some diamonds have certain inclusions and clarity characteristics to them, which particularly blocks or slows down the passage of light through them and hence they appear to be cloudy or milky. These diamonds fail to show the dazzle and sparkle of higher clarity diamonds. And are not value equally to those diamonds. Which are flawless or the diamonds having minimal inclusions.

Accumulation Of Dirt And Oil


This is one of the basic reasons as to why a diamond seems to be appearing dull or cloudy. We often do to our busy schedules and timetables; forget to take proper care of the diamond rings or any other diamond pieces of jewelry that we might wear. Overtime; there forms a layer of dirt, oil, and grease on the surface of these diamonds. Moreover, diamonds have a special property cause of which they attract oils and grease. Due to such reasons, a layer of dirt and oil forms upon the surface of the stone, and hence it appears to be cloudy or may seem like they have lost their luster.

Such occurrences can be reverted and one can bring back the original shine and sparkle of the diamond. If they clean their diamond jewelry with the help of degreasing solutions or with cleaning solutions that are available in the market.

The Diamond Is Cracked


This is one of those unfortunate reasons as to why a diamond that previously looked sparkling and pretty changed into a cloudy one. If a diamond is hit hard enough, then they might get cracked or chipped. When such happens, the crack lines can go long inside the stone and can stop the passage of light through it midway making it look dull and cloudy.

Unfortunately, such diamonds cannot be return to their former dazzle and glory. And the only possible option that is left is to recut the stone. Which often does not seem to be worthy enough.

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Get Cloudy Or Hazy Over Time?


To answer this question simply, no they don’t, if taken care of properly. It should be kept in mind that lab-grown diamonds are the same as the naturally mine ones, both of them are “real”; as what the term suggests. They have the same chemical and physical properties. And hence just as the naturally grown diamonds don’t get cloudy, neither will the lab-grown ones.

Tips To Follow To Maintain The Quality Of A Lab-Grown Diamonds


It is simple; one must follow certain steps and guidelines to prevent their diamonds from transforming their beautiful appearances or to get the best quality diamonds for them. It is said that “Diamonds are forever”, and as the phrase suggests. If taken proper care, they will keep on shining for a long period to come.

  • One must look for proper certifications of the diamond or stone before they try and purchase it. Most lab-grown diamond manufacturers provide a certificate and grading report along with the stone. Which should contain details about the type of stone it is along with its degree of fluorescence. It is recommend that the purchaser or the customer should check if these certifications are from trusted sources or not. Top organizations like the GIA and IGI provide expert grading and certifications. That one can accept and follow without any hesitation in their mind.
  • One must follow and stick to certain grading parameters when they look for a purchase of premium quality of diamond. Which would not have any form of cloudiness to it. They are-

Color     :              D to I

Cut        :              Excellent to Good

Clarity   :              Flawless to VS1

  • This one is pretty simple, one must take proper care of the stone he or she has. After regular intervals, diamonds need to be properly washed, polished, and taken care of. So that they can retain their dazzle and shine. Also one must keep their diamonds in a proper diamond case meant specifically for the diamond alone and should not ever keep their diamond jewelry along with other cheap jewelry and gemstones as they might scratch or cut the surface of the diamonds making them look aged, cloudy and worn out.

Lastly, we would disapprove of the fact that lab-grown diamonds get cloudy over time; and shall suggest one clear their head of such doubts and hesitations. Lab-grown diamonds are as precious and valuable as the natural ones and they will retain their infamous preciousness and shine for a long time ever after.