Lab-Grown Diamond Care Tips


Diamond Care – Diamond pieces of jewelry are worn by a countless number of people all over the world every day. But when it comes to their maintenance part, they usually are not so interested. It should always be kept in mind that diamond jewelry is meant to be a thing of awe and decoration. But that doesn’t mean that they are indestructible.

Similar to any other form of jewelry such as silver, gold, platinum, or other forms of precious gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry also need proper treatment and diamond care to keep them sparkling and shining as they were during their mint condition.

Because of their inert and stable nature, diamonds can adhere to their brilliance and sparkle for a long period. The longevity and enhancement of their looks depend exactly on how frequently we take care of them. It is always recommending to take proper care of the diamonds; be it lab-grown or natural. And hence a proper cleaning routine should be followed.

Do’s And Don’ts


Below list are some basic tips and guidelines that need to be maintained. While wearing any diamond jewelry-

  • It should always be kept in mind that diamonds are a thing of great beauty and awe. That’s why, it is recommend not to wear any form of diamond jewelry. While performing any form of manual labor or task. As they may physically damage or expose the jewelry to chemicals, sweat, or whatnot. Tasks such as gardening, cleaning, moving furniture, or kitchen work should not be done while wearing any diamond jewelry.
  • Not to wear any form of diamond jewelry while swimming in pools or spas. As chlorinated water usually reacts with metals and hence may cause color variations to the jewelry metal. And may even corrode or do some structural damage to them.
  • Sports that involve physical contact should not be played while wearing any form of diamond jewelry as they may get damaged. Due to any form of hard blows not to mention even the persons involved. Hence any form of jewelry should always be avoid during such moments.
  • Jewelry and makeups, unfortunately, don’t go hand in hand. There are certain chemicals present in cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and sprays. That may end up damaging our precious diamonds or causing a build-up over them slowly and gradually over time. It is advise to clean them up properly after their usages.
  • When not in use, jewelry stones and items should be store properly disregarding any form of mishaps happening to them. Diamond jewelry should be store very carefully and should not be kept in contact with other diamonds. As they may get scratched or can scratch anything; including the other diamonds.

Tips for storing Lab-grown diamonds:-


Following are simple and basic tips of diamond care one can follow. When storing their precious diamonds and diamond jewelry to maintain their utmost safety-

  • They must be kept away from dust or pollution. Over time, they might get prone to build up or any form of scratch on them. They must always be kept in a clean and tidy atmosphere.
  • It is suggested to wrap pieces of jewelry and diamonds up in any kind of cloth which is soft. This is an age-old method that helps in keeping precious gems and jewelry safe and sound. Simply cover it up using a soft cloth, put it inside a well-built case, and keep it safe.
  • It is recommended not to mix up our precious lab-grown diamonds with any other kind of jewelry or gemstones being they are so much valuable to us. And they might get scratch and harm by the other jewelry or if not; may even harm them. Hence it is always advisable to keep them away separately.

Points to keep in mind while cleaning Lab-grown diamonds:-


Just as we showcase our diamonds and diamond jewelry by wearing them every day. Taking proper diamond care and cleaning them up also falls in our responsibilities. Below are some list of the basic points that should be kept in mind while cleaning up this precious jewelry-

  • Always use jewelry polishing cloths to get the best results. Soft cloths or more preferably professional cleaning cloths are advise to get the best results. Any cloth that has coarse fibers can easily form up cuts and scratches on the diamonds.
  • We should remove any forms of jewelry before showering up or cleaning as soap water can cause up a layer of film to build upon those precious stones making them look cloudy and dull stealing away their spark. By maintaining this, the time for these diamond care and jewelry significantly gets reduce overall.
  • It is very much recommended to clean the jewelry, but that should be done properly and with the right cleaning tools. Usually, we get jewelry cleaning kits with the purchase of the diamond jewelry but yet, we need to make sure the cleaners use nonabrasive liquids and materials. The usage of bleach is not at all recommended as it will destroy the diamonds and jewelry.
  • We need to have a keen eye about the form of the jewelry or the state of the diamonds. They should be periodically check and maintain either by ourselves. Or by sending them for maintenances to the organizations where they are bought from. This way, we shall have a clear and exact idea about the state of the stone or jewelry. And hence it will result in attaining its peak brilliance for a long time to come.
  • It should be kept in mind that the water that is used for cleaning the jewelry. Should neither be too cold or too hot. Keep the temperature of the water lukewarm as hot water may cause some type of chemical reaction with the cleaning solution. That may result in degradation or discoloration of the holding metal in the jewelry.

Types of cleaning procedures:-

It is highly recommend to follow some basic steps and guidelines for cleaning up the natural or lab diamonds.

Cleaning at home

  • It is always advised to use warm water, a non-toxic eco-friendly jewelry cleaner, mild soap, or soap-solution. With a toothbrush having soft bristles to clean up the lab-created diamonds.
  • Soak the jewelry in the soap water solution for a few minutes; which will result in dissolving the grease and minor dirt oils from the diamond or diamond jewelry.
  • After that use a brush to break up the dirt bindings or build-up present on the jewelry that is making it look dull and foggy.
  • Now rinse the diamond jewelry with warm water and dry it up using a soft cloth.
  • Nowadays, Ultrasonic cleaners are also available for in-home purchase, which is a great option for diamond jewelry cleanup.

Cleaning up professionally


Diamonds and diamond-based jewelry can also be sent to the original company or any local jewelry or jewelry store for a more detailed and thorough clean-up. Professional cleaning generally consists of ultrasound or steam cleaning processes or maybe both.

Ultrasonic cleaning is always recommend to ensure deep cleaning of the diamond piece or jewelry. As it removes any foreign particle buildups from them such as hairspray, body lotions, sweat, etc. To ensure the natural sparkle of the diamond, periodic and regular cleaning is always advise.

Diamond Insurance


Buying insurance for our precious diamond jewelry should always be in one of our top priorities. As they shall cover up any form of unexpected accidents or losses of any kind. It also relieves us from the extra precaution that otherwise builds up in our minds regarding their expense. And in result becomes less stressful for the individual.

Diamonds resemble not only expensiveness and are not just to be worn on special occasions but we also simply love to have one. Therefore when it comes to their caring and maintenance, we must not leave any stones unturned as by doing such we will have the option to cherish these valuables; as the beauty they truly are.