How Much is a 2 Carat Lab Created Diamond?


Lab-Created Diamonds has decreased its price in recent years. But the question is how much is a 2 carat lab created diamond. The resale value of the lab-grown diamonds is minimal. As they are can’t be resale as the jewelers won’t buy it back. And still, if you try to sell it online you won’t get more than pennies on the dollar.

Lab-grown diamonds are man-made diamonds which is exactly chemically, physically and optically identical to the natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are created with pure carbon and two growing methods. CVD & HPHT which replicates the same growing method of natural diamonds.

For example, when you purchase a flawless 2 carat lab created diamond depending on the shape. You’ll not get the exact resale value like the natural diamonds. In this article, we are going to discuss upon, how much is a 2 carat lab created diamond cost? Well, to know this we have to go through the whole article.

What is The Average Carat Weight of Lab-Grown Diamond?


Before we know about the carat weight of a lab-grown diamond. We must know that every lab-grown diamonds come in all shapes and sizes like the natural diamonds. For example, if we take a 1-carat lab-grown diamond, the weight will be .2 grams or 200 mg.

Likewise, when we choose a 2-carat lab-grown diamond it will weight 0.4 grams or 400 mg. So it will weight double every time, as you go up 1 carat like the natural diamonds.

Price of 2 Carat Lab Created Diamond


Well, the price of a lab-grown diamond fluctuates greatly like the natural diamonds. Sometimes it may get expensive and sometimes it may be less expensive. The price of a lab-grown diamond depends upon some factors like cut, color, clarity, carat weight & size.

1: Cut

The cut of a diamond impact its beauty. Now the pricing will vary when you purchase an ideal or excellent diamond. Will be expensive than a Good or very good cut diamond.

2: Color

The pricing of a lab-grown diamond also varies upon the color of a diamond. In the scale grade of IGI “D” is colorless whereas Z has noticeable yellow or brown tint. Simply, the better color you choose for your diamond the more it will be expensive. If you choose a diamond between the ranges of G-J they will look colorless. But it will cost less than the D, E & F colored diamonds.

3: Clarity

The clarity refers to the blemishes and inclusions of a colored diamond. A diamond without inclusions will be expensive than the diamonds with inclusions. So, if you choose a diamond with VS1 & VS2 clarity. Then it will be less expensive than the FL & VVS Diamonds.

4: Carat Weight

The carat of a diamond impact on the price of a diamond, so the heavier diamond you will choose will cost more.

5: Shape

The most expensive shape among them all is the round brilliant shape. Whereas the next most expensive shape is the oval cut, asscher cut, etc.

6: Certification

Certification of a diamond doesn’t impact on the pricing of a diamond but it is for the verification on the diamond which you are paying for.

Difference between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Pricing


When we talk about the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown diamond. Then we can simply say that there is no difference between the two except the origin. In both of the diamonds, the pricing varies upon the cut, carat weight, clarity, color & size.

On average the price difference of a lab-grown diamond is 30% to 40% less than the mined diamond. This means, when you buy a 1-carat natural diamond, on the other hand, you can simply purchase 2 carat or 3-carat lab-created diamonds in the same price range.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Expensive?


Well, the process by which creates a lab-grown diamond is done by two methods. HPHT or High-Pressure High-Temperature & CVD or Chemical Vapor Depositions. This two process of growing a lab-grown diamond is identical to the same process of growing natural diamond.

This whole process of growing lab-grown diamonds are isn’t cheap. So a flawless 2-carat diamond will cost you near about $4,000. Whereas, if you choose a natural diamond then it will be more expensive.