Why Lab-Grown Diamonds Are So Cheap?


According to the price of the natural diamonds comparing to the lab-grown diamonds are 30% to 40% less expensive. The price of a diamond depends on the cut, clarity, size, carat weight, and color you choose for your engagement ring.

The lab-grown diamonds are called by many names like lab-created diamonds, synthetic diamonds, cultivate or cultured diamonds, etc. The lab-grown diamonds are the human-made diamonds that are created in the laboratory. The laboratory-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to the natural diamonds which are mined.

What Makes Lab-Grown Diamonds More Affordable?


As we know, the lab-grown diamonds are gaining their popularity every year. But, they don’t have any resale value like the natural diamonds. And this results to drop the price that’s why the lab-grown diamonds are so cheap and affordable.


Whereas, you can get Type IIa lab-grown diamond at an affordable price. However, you can only find 2% of all-natural diamonds. But, to get 1 carat of natural diamond you must remove 100,000 pounds of dirt from the earth’s crust. And this results in the world’s largest man-made whole. Still, you can’t be sure that you’ll be getting the Type IIa natural diamonds.

You just pay the price for the methods which are used for the process of creating lab-grown diamonds. This method of creating the lab-grown diamonds replicates the method for the creation of natural diamonds. The creation of the lab-grown diamonds are created by few people than in the mining so this is cost-effective.

Price of Lab-Grown Diamond & Natural Diamond


As we already discussed before that the lab-grown diamonds are so cheap. And the natural diamonds are different from each other due to the cut, clarity, color, carat weight, size, and certificate. As well as there are many other points which differs the price of the lab-grown diamond and the natural diamonds are as follows:

#1: According to the natural counterparts the lab-grown diamonds cost 30% less in comparison to the quality and size. The larger size of a diamond is more expensive.

#2: According to the grades of diamonds, you need to get the GIA certification on the natural diamonds. Whereas, IGI certification is needed for the laboratory-grown diamonds. As they ensure the originality of the lab-grown diamond you are purchasing.

#3: The price of all diamonds varies on the cut of the diamonds like the “ideal” or “excellent” cut diamonds will be expensive than the “very good” or “good” cut diamonds.

#4: The color grading scale also depends on the price of all diamonds. Where the colorless diamonds are expensive but still the lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than the natural diamonds.

#5: Clarity of a diamond is very important as it includes inclusion and imperfections. Fewer inclusions and imperfections will be expensive. As we said to you before that the lab-grown diamonds will still cost less than the natural diamonds.

#6: Whenever you choose 1-carat diamond or more, whether it’s the natural diamond or the lab-grown diamond, will become expensive.