Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Cheaper Than Real Diamonds?

what are lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds cheaper than real diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are also referred to as other names. Such as synthetic diamond, cultivate diamonds or cultural diamonds, lab-created diamonds or artificial diamonds, etc. The lab-grown diamonds are the real diamonds as it is identical to the mined or natural diamonds.

 And the only difference between a lab-grown diamonds and the natural diamonds is. The lab-grown diamonds are created in labs, whereas the natural diamonds are mined. A real diamond contains carbon atomic structure and the lab-grown diamonds are physically, chemically, and optically identical to the natural diamond by following the same characteristics. 

How Lab Grown Diamonds are Made?

how lab-grown diamonds are made

Lab-grown diamonds are created from a carbon seed. This seed is placed in the chamber and makes the diamond to grow by producing heat, gas, and pressure. To create a full-grown crystal the whole process takes 7 to 10 weeks. Once, the diamond is fully grown. It is taken for the cutting, polishing, and grading just like the natural diamonds.   

Unlike the natural diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds will have different tints of color as well as flaws due to the formation of the rock. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Identical To Natural Diamonds?

are lab-grown diamonds identical to natural diamonds

In the diamond industry, lab-grown diamonds are growing popularity day by day as they are identical to the mined diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds save 30% to 40% according to the cost of natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are cheaper and produce no threat to the environment. 

What are Diamond Simulants?

what are diamond simulants

Diamonds simulants are also known as imitation diamonds. They characterize similar to the diamonds. The term “simulant” were distinct from the term “synthetic diamonds”. The synthetic diamonds or the lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as the natural diamonds. 

A diamond simulant is artificial and is made of high-lead glass. Such as rhinestone and cubic zirconia (CZ). Whereas, lab-grown diamonds are not simulants as the diamond simulants appear just like a diamond but it doesn’t contain the same property as the natural diamonds or the lab-grown diamond.

diamond simulants

Diamond simulants include the cubic zirconia, white sapphire, and moissanite. But these diamond simulants don’t characterize the same chemical, physical properties, or durability like the diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds Cheaper Than Real Diamonds

are lab-grown diamonds cheaper than real diamonds

To create a Lab-grown diamond, it has the same carbon structures which can be found in the natural diamonds. Generally, the lab-grown diamonds cheaper than real diamonds. The price of the lab-grown diamonds continues to decrease due to not have any resale value. 

On average the lab-grown diamond is about 30% to 40% cheaper than the mined diamonds. Simultaneously, the lab-grown diamonds are affordable than the mined diamonds. Generally, the lab-grown diamonds are identical to the mined diamonds. As they have the same chemical and physical properties. And the four C’s are still applied to it. 

the lab-grown diamonds are the real diamonds

The lab-grown diamonds are the real diamonds, they are not stimulants or imitation. The lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly to the environment and they can be you an ethical choice as the real diamonds are something which will be lasting forever. 

Does Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth It?

does lab-grown diamonds worth it

To understand the worth of the lab-grown diamonds you have to first understand the value. As we have said to you before. That the lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than the mined diamonds. As lab-grown diamonds are made in labs and cause no threat to the environment. 

When it comes to the value of the mined diamonds retains 50% roughly after purchasing. This means you receive at least half of the pricing value according to the original price of the purchase if you ever try to sell it. Whereas, the lab-grown diamonds lose their whole value after purchase as they don’t have the resale value. But the lab-grown diamonds are at least 50% cheaper compare to mined diamonds. 


These are difficult calls that every individual has to take for themselves. As you are getting a massive discount if you are purchasing the lab-grown diamonds according to the mined diamonds.