Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Facets?


Before we go into the question about which diamond cut has the most facets. Let us first have a generalized idea about. Why diamond cuts are so important and how do they affect the value and visual appearance of the diamond.

Diamond-Cut Quality


Among all the 4 C’s which are namely carat, clarity, cut, and color, it has been then and now declared by the top gemological labs and organizations. The cut quality has the most vital role in the visual aspects of the diamond. The cut of a diamond can affect the stone in various ways. It is responsible for things like how shiny and stone looks, how much does it sparkle, how clean and precise it looks and feels. And most of all how costly is it going to be.

Hence it is always suggested that one should always root for diamonds. That have gradings of “Excellent” cuts for the best value. It really will impact on the beauty feature of the diamond, and also the ring or piece of jewelry where it will be placed. The ones with “Very Good” ratings are also acceptable, but one should never look for anything lower than that. If budget is the issue in this case, then one might just opt for a diamond of lower carats, but should never give up on its cut and looks factor.

Let’s have an idea about the cut grades that are used by the top organizations such as GIA to determine the quality of the diamond. They are-

“Excellent” Grade


This is the highest grade that a diamond cut can ever achieve and it is believed that only the top 3 percent of the world’s diamonds fall under this category. A lot of focus and precision is required to cut a diamond to make it something of excellent quality. Such diamonds showcase the most brilliant sparkle and factors like light leakage are almost next to none in these stones.

“Very Good” Grade


This is the very next category of the excellent graded diamonds and diamonds of this category showcase praiseworthy cut quality as well. Usually, the top 15 percent diamonds of this world fall in this category so the rareness of these stones should never be questioned. The light leakage factors of these stones are also very minimal and hence these diamonds are a great alternative to the excellent grade diamonds if one’s budget is somewhat lower.

“Good” Grade


This grade represents the top 25 percent of the world’s diamonds. Diamonds of this particular grade also can showcase their sparkle well enough but are prone to minimal inclusions and light leakage factor. These diamonds can be a great option if one has a budget on the lower side but is still looking for a fair deal for their money.

“Fair” and “Poor” Grades


Diamonds which consist of a significant amount of flaws and inclusions are categorized under these grades. The light leakage factors of such diamonds are also considerably high and hence the sparkle of these diamonds is on the inferior side. It is always recommended that one should avoid such diamonds that have fair and poor gradings as they would not be the optimal choice for a piece of good looking jewelry.

Diamond Cuts Which Has the Most Facets

To answer this question, we would give the readers two different recommendations. One of the diamonds is the best in the market because of its mesmerizing looks and demand and the other is the more advanced up-gradation to provide the buyers with a choice.

The Round Brilliant Cut


If one asks that which is the best diamond in the market that has the most number of facets, the answer would be the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

It was first developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in the year of 1919. Since then this particular cut has gone through several tests and scrutinizations to mold it to its optimal perfect state. This particular cut has 58 facets out of which 33 are present on the top side on the crown. And the remaining 25 facets are located on the pavilion or the bottom part of the diamond. Each facet is capable of reflecting the lights ray. And possesses the potential to bend the pathways of the light entering the stone. The round brilliant cut is believed to be the only diamond cut. Which has each and every one of its facets created in the most calculative way.

No other diamond cut has the brilliance and scintillation as the round brilliant cut does. And this is exactly why this cut quality falls on the most top-notch and premium quality of cut a diamond can offer. Previously, it was thought that a diamond’s facet cannot reflect light rays more than twice. But this has been proven otherwise as now, the facets of the modern round brilliant cut diamonds can reflect light more than twice. It is the epitome of diamond cut achievement and hence costs more than any other diamond cut there is.

The Radiant Cut


This is the alternative version that we were referring to. The radiant cut was cut in the year 1977 by Mr. Henry Grossbard. It consists of a total of 70 facets. It is the best possible cut than any other angular cut diamond ever created.

Though the radiant cut has more facets than that of the round brilliant cut. It still does not exceed the sparkle of the former. Due to the special shape the radiant cut possesses. This cut appears larger and is bigger than the round cut if measured diagonally. Even, the carat size of a radiant cut looks bigger if it is compared with the round cut.

Radiant cut diamonds are available in two shapes in the market. One is the rectangular radiant cut; the other is the square radiant cut. Due to the extra facets that the radiant cut possesses the inclusions and flaws. In these diamonds get concealed resultantly increasing the clarity of the diamond.

After the round brilliant cut, the radiant cut remains the most superior. In terms of their brilliance and sparkle than any other cut has to offer. Due to having a bigger carat size, the radiant cut provides a great option in maximizing one’s status quo.

Final notes

As mentioned above, no other diamond cut in this world is certainly as brilliant as the Round brilliant cut. But premium things have premium pricing. That is why, keeping the budget factor in mind. If one wants a great alternative to the round brilliant cut. Yet wants a dazzling sparkle and brilliance at the same time. It is always suggested that they may go for radiant cut diamonds all the way.

Happy diamond shopping!!