JCK Las Vegas Show – 2023 

JCK las vegas

About JCK Las Vegas 

JCK Las Vegas show in Las Vegas is the leading annual trade event in North America. It will bring together 30,000 industry experts from 130 nations in Las Vegas. This event will be an international gathering and personal uniting a community that is shaping the future of the jewelry industry. They will present their products and innovations, including those from the lab-grown diamond retail sector. 


Due to their ethical and sustainable production processes, lab-grown diamonds have surged in favor in recent years. Many jewelry companies have also welcomed lab-grown diamonds as a beneficial addition to their product offers. 

We cannot provide a list of exhibitors for the JCK Show in 2023. However, exhibitors specializing in lab-grown diamonds and jewelry retail will likely be present. Vendors often display lab-grown diamond jewelry. Examples include engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and jewelry gems timepieces. 


Attending the jewelry trade show is a great opportunity. We can learn about the newest trends, breakthroughs, and collections of lab-grown diamonds and jewelry retail.  

The four-day event will be held at The Venetian expo and Hotel from June 2 to 5, 2023. Experience at JCK is to gain knowledge of products, vendors, and developments at the most respected platform in the industry. It has been running for 30 years. 

Exhibitors at the JCK Show have an opportunity. They can showcase their newest jewelry collections, designs, and innovations. 

They can do this in front of a large audience. It acts as a showcase for firms’ workmanship, innovation, and technology breakthroughs. 

Retailers, buyers and designer manufacturers can research products. They can spot trends and make informed purchasing decisions. This is all for their stores or business. 

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JCK talks is a world leader in the jewelry business. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to give back and develop the industry. This is essential to us. 

The JCK Industry fund was established in 1997. It deploys funds contributed by JCK, as well as donations from the industry. These donations are more recent additions. 

The fund is increasing in size and range. So, money is being directed to areas that require the most help and where the greatest change can happen. A board of executives from different industries meets monthly. They have awarded more than $6 million in grants to successful applicants. 

What is The Exhibitor’s Profile? 


The JCK show attracts a diverse range of exhibitors from various sectors of the jewelry industry. The exhibitors at the JCK Show may vary from year to year. Here are some common profiles you may encounter:  

1. Jewelry Manufacturers  

2. Diamond Suppliers  

3. Gemstone Suppliers  

4. Watch Manufacturers  

5. Giftware & Tableware  

6. Technology and Equipment Providers  

7. Packaging and Display Suppliers  

8. Trade Affiliations  

More than 2,000 exhibitors will showcase their products to an audience of 17,000 people from around the globe. The displays will be located in Las Vegas and designed by booth design firms. They will be breathtaking! This event will have 200 press delegates, members, and influencers, with 95% of attendees representing new companies.  

Bridge visitors will have the opportunity to find a broad variety of jewels, loose diamonds, and finished items. The JCK goes beyond business as they also sponsors social and networking events such as cocktail parties, galas, and award ceremonies. These events promote casual encounters, a lively atmosphere, and the development of relationships among industry professionals.  

Overall, the JCK Show is a key event in the jewelry industry, innovation, promoting business growth and knowledge-sharing. It acts as a central hub for professionals to interact, learn, promote their goods, and drive the industry forward. 


Why Should You Attend JCK Las Vegas 2023? 


By exhibiting this annual trade event bringing 25,000 qualified buyers around the globe. There are Over 9000 jewelry stores are among the exhibitors, with over 600 purchasers from leading retail networks. 23% of retailer stores in attendance were from outside the United States. This is one jewelry retail event you really must attend! 

Make the most of your trade show appearance by creating a striking personalized exhibit. A visually appealing personalized trade fair booth attracts attention and transforms passers-by into potential consumers. You can select the theme that will be used to generate the desired effect for the viewer. 

The event will bring together serious buyers. It will play an important role in establishing business ties on 398,000 square feet. Therefore, Las Vegas is the jewelry industry’s hub. 


The JCK Las Vegas is much more than a simple jewelry exhibition. Networking with professionals in the field is possible through this opportunity.

Expert advice can also be obtained. Furthermore, knowledge of recent industry developments can be gained. Attending seminars, workshops, and networking events will provide you the opportunity to stay current with the jewelry industry.

The fine jewelry industry is always evolving. To stay up-to-date, visit JCK Las Vegas 2023. It offers an extensive selection of jewelry, stones, watches, and services.

The JCK Las Vegas 2023 experience goes beyond business. It is personal, bringing a community together that is influencing the jewelry industry.