Top 10 Websites Where You Can Buy Lab-Created Diamonds


Lab-Created Diamonds Shopping Online :-

With the arrival of the internet and the advancement of business and online services ever. Since market places from streets and towns have made up their places in the online platforms to not only boost up their substantial revenues. But also to avail their customers the ease and convenience to shop and purchase goods and items from their very own homes. 

The following is similar to the diamond industries too. They also have now formed a giant e-commerce platform of their own enabling smooth and convenient purchase of diamond-based jewelry. And also other gems and gemstones for the consumers local and abroad.

Now, speaking about the lab-created diamonds, there are not many options as several jewelers investing in lab-created diamonds are much less. The percentage of lab-created diamonds in the market is almost less than one. 

Below are the listed best 10 websites from where one shall be able to purchase lab-grown or lab-created diamonds and diamond jewelry


One of the most popular names in the online jewelry market this brand is owned by Signet Jewelers. And runs independently as an online gem and diamond jewelry retailer. Founded by a team of four members in the year of 2006. And since then have grown substantially in the field of diamond jewels and jewelry. 

They offer almost more than 3,000+ varieties of lab-grown diamonds. And ring styles of about hundreds of different types and customizations. They are much efficient and also provide free shipping service all over the world. And provide a 100% money-back guarantee along with lifetime warranty and real-time diamond inspection service.


They are the retail brand from Diamond Foundry, which is amongst the biggest of the names in the diamond industry in regards to created diamonds. Diamonds sold by VRAI come with warranty and certification from Diamond Foundry itself. And is a unique offering to be able to obtain which is not that much possible elsewhere.

They provide quality handcrafted rings along with a pretty responsive customer service and diamonds that produced authentically. Also, they provide 30 days of the easy return policy.


Founded in the year of 2005 in August and it is a big name in the global jewelry market. And they provide certified and tested lab-grown diamonds and gemstones.

This company was establish by Eric Grossberg and Beth Gerstein. As they wanted a more responsive and transparent approach to the jewel mining industry. They provide customers with exceptionally well and ethically sourced gems and diamond jewelry. And have some of the most beautiful and award-winning jewelry designs ever created. 

They provide immensely beautiful craftsmanship and a wide range and variety of options for people to choose from. Ultimately, they envision and hope for a much sustainable and transparent approach to the jewel industry. And commits to ensuring environmental as well as social balance and stability.


Clean Origin exactly satisfies in every criterion as an online diamond retailer. It is run by the third generation jewelers and provides outstanding jewelry service towards its customers and the buyers. They also provide free shipping but only in the US and have a variety of stones and diamonds along with decent and competitive pricing options.

Other services that they provide are 100 day return periods; options for customization, responsive customer service, and handcrafted beautifully designed rings.


One of the recent names in the industry, PureNile was founded and owned by Vijay Verma in the year of 2016. It is DBA of Javda Inc. which is also owned by Mr. Verma. 

It is an eminent place of buying out authentic laboratory-grown diamonds in many affordable prices and price ranges. The jewels and diamonds are created and crafted by the world’s best professional designers. And serve as a one-stop place for all and every kind of jewelry shopping. They are an ever-evolving company and provide a large variety of options one can choose from.

And it is for sure that, they will be among the big names of the diamonds making companies in recent years to come.


MiaDonna & Company was establish in Portland, Oregon in the year 2005. The name of the present CEO is the founder itself, Anna-Mieke Anderson. She is from New Zealand and spent her early years in Australia. She is a successful entrepreneur, a dedicated mother, and an avid philanthropist too. 

Their vision of lab-created diamonds has captured attention overall the world. And has made her urge to help the ones caught in unethical diamond harvesting a recognized cause globally. MiaDonna provides its customers with a lab-grown diamond of extreme professional quality and standards.


Diamond nexus is a part of the Forever Companies. They along with their sister companies 12FIFTEEN Diamonds and Forever Artisans are a full-fledged family of expert craftsmen, jewelry retailers, and businessman. Who is dedicate to providing customers with the best quality man-made stones and diamond jewelry. They provide a variety of options, in terms of their jewelry designs or rings or the color of the diamonds they provide along with affordable pricing and budgets.


The company was establish by a family of jewelers in the year 1999 as a wholesale jewelry brand. They opened their business online recently in the year of 2012 by creating an e-commerce website for themselves. Known as one of the most knowledgeable ones in the business. Having extensive knowledge about wedding bands, engagement rings, and so on. 

Their stores located in about 180 locations all over the US and Canada providing customers an efficient previewing service along with their varieties of high-quality handcrafted jewelry.

They provide features like 30 days return policy, military discounts, diamond buyback programs, and with that free shipping insurance. 


Founded in the April of 2013 and were initially named as Gemesis Inc. They are known to the American Market as a famous retailer of lab-grown diamonds. In June of 2014, they renamed themselves and re-branded their name as “Pure Grown Diamonds”.

Their website too was obtain from a company name “GDC” or Gemesis Diamond Company. Which was later reorganize under the present brand name. They are famous name in the jewelry industry extensively known for wholesale of laboratory grown diamonds. To jewelry retailers and diamond retailers all over North America.


Named after a 19th-century mathematician August Ada King, Ada Diamonds was founded by Lindsay Reinsmith and Jason Payne in the year 2011, after their marriage. They envisioned against the mined diamonds process. As they were such a challenging process both for the environment as well as mankind. Specialize in building up customized laboratory-produced diamond rings. And envision a three core belief system: that is Quality, Artistry, and Integrity.

Today, they claim to create one of a class, best lab-created diamonds in the world, and encourage customers whom they call their extensive clients; to use their top-class consultation program with their Diamond Concierges. They provide loads of variation in designs both for the diamonds and their rings, to choose from.