Reasons to Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds for Engagement Rings


Engagement rings are meaningful for both the receiver and the giver. Signify the commitment of a pure relationship to start a new life. Engagement rings are very essential and admire as a symbol of love. People may prefer mined diamonds, recycled diamonds, lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings. We make an ethical choice when it comes to an engagement ring

Diamonds are traditionally the first choice that comes in our mind when we say engagement rings. Many issues come with the mined diamonds that causes harm to our environment. So, our advanced technology has come up with some latest and more eco-friendly choices. 

In our century we can see that the mined diamond has so many ethical and ecological conflicts that surround us. But, we believe that our better future lies in the production of eco-friendly diamonds known as the lab-grown or synthetic diamonds, cultured, or cultivate diamonds. 

How Mined Diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds are formed?


Mined Diamonds: 

Mined diamonds or natural diamonds are form by the chemical process. Where the carbon molecules crystalize and form like a diamond in the mantle of the Earth’s crust. The formation of diamonds is transform by following the extreme heat and pressure inside the earth. And this whole process takes millions of years to get the crystal then we start mining to get these diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds are form by using the advance technologies. Which replicate the same process for creating diamonds in the lab. These diamonds are produce by following the process CDV & HPHT. Choosing the lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to the mined diamonds brings more advantages to the environment and also gives the same value as the natural diamonds. 

Why Should You Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds For Engagement Rings?


Here are some important reasons why you should consider lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings. 

1: Lab-Grown Diamonds are Stylish & Unique in Nature:


The lab-grown diamonds offer various alternative designs like natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds provide different settings and are also available in different shapes. Lab-grown diamonds can be placed in any setting of your choice. If you are looking for trendy shapes and traditional shapes, you can find them easily. 

Lab-grown diamonds are increasing their popularity day by day. As the lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and eco-friendly diamonds. Which causes no harm to the environment as it is not earth mined. Lab-grown diamonds are affordable and cheaper than mined diamonds with their unique and stylish features. And all this reason gives you more options to create your custom ring in a budget. 

2: Are The Lab-Grown Diamonds Identical To The Natural Diamonds?


The only difference between a lab-grown diamonds and the natural diamonds is their origin. The lab-grown diamonds are cut and polished by using the same methods. which are used for the natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties and are also identical optically to the natural diamonds. Both of them receive the same official certifications when it comes to the quality of the diamonds. They both look the same and cannot be detect with the naked eye, the identification is only possible when we test the diamonds in the highly specialized machines. 

3: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Affordable?


Yes! The lab-grown diamonds are affordable and you get a lot of better options available for yourself. You can get bigger and higher quality of diamonds in the same budget of the natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are 30% to 40% less expensive than natural diamonds and still gives you the same quality. The lab-grown diamonds are manufacture from the diamond seed in a scientific method with the help of advance technology. This whole process makes the lab-grown diamonds affordable than the mined diamonds. 

4: Lab-Grown Diamonds are Conflict-Free:


The mined diamonds are also known as the “Blood Diamonds” because it caused wars and revolutions in Africa. The mined diamonds have many other ethical issues like poor working conditions, violations of human rights, child labor, and the main problem are mining causes harm to our environment. 

Whereas, the lab-grown diamonds avoid humanitarian violations and ethical issues as the diamonds are form in the labs by using specialized and advance technology. This forming of creation makes the lab-grown diamonds as conflict-free and eco-friendly diamonds and also less harmful for our environment. 

5: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?


Yes, of course! The lab-grown diamonds are the same as the natural diamonds which are found on Earth in every single way. They both are chemically, physically, and optically identical to each other. The lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment in the labs. This process of creating lab-grown diamonds is similar to the conditions which are found in nature. 

6: How Do The Lab-Grown Diamonds Impact Minimal Environmental Issues? 


Well, we know that natural diamonds are mined. The mining causes environmental damage as 88,000 to 176,000 pounds of dirt has to be dig up to find 1 carat of diamond. Mining is the largest manholes which are created by humans on earth. And this whole process of mining affects the ecological systems. Whereas, lab-grown diamonds are produce in labs in a controlled environment. And for such reason, they have minimal environmental issues. 

7: Are Lab-Grown Diamonds An Ethical Choice And Gives A Stress-Free Shopping Experience? 


Yes! The lab-grown diamonds are an ethical choice and stress-free shopping experience. As the mined diamonds have a huge environmental impact. On the other hand, the lab-grown diamonds are manufacture in a controlled environment in the lab and a minimal environmental impact.