Which Color Diamond Is The Most Expensive?


Among all the myths and confusions and questionnaires that are present in the jewelry and gemstone industry; one of the most common and frequently asked questions is – which are the more expensive diamonds, the white ones, or the fancy colored counterparts? 

It would not be appropriate to simply answer this question with just a yes or no as; the idea of cost-effectiveness depends on a variety of factors and analytics. Hence, we will be describing and explaining certain facts that are important to understand, and in this process, we will be trying our best to give the readers a clear idea about the expense comparisons between both of these two categories.

The Expense Depends On Rarity and Demand


Though the number of color diamond mined naturally is extremely rare; being approximately less than 0.1 percent of the total mined diamonds, there may still cases where one might find these diamonds at prices lesser than that of the white ones.

The actual thing is- supply and demand for particular colors decide their value and price. 

It is pretty simple to understand actually. The supply criterion is generally dependent upon the absolute rarity of the diamonds.

On the other hand, demand is a parameter that is sets current trend and needs of humankind. There should be a good enough ratio between these two parameters which will ultimately decide the expense of the diamond.

Let us give an example when famous actor Ben Affleck proposed Jennifer Lopez with a 6-carat pink color diamond ring, the demand for pink diamonds hiked considerably. Hence, its prices also increased for a certain period. They also fell again as the trend gradually came to an end.

The above example showcases what decides the cost factor of diamonds and gems.

According to the prices of the diamonds in the market, here we will be categorizing the fancy color diamond into four groups.

The Affordable variables


This category consists of the brown, fancy yellow and grey color diamond, and are a great option as alternatives to the white-colored ones. These colors, though being amongst the rare ones, are cheaper than the white diamonds (excluding vivid yellows and other strong intensities) and look gorgeous and beautiful as well.

Amongst this particular category itself, the most expensive diamonds are the yellow ones.

The Mid-range diamonds

The diamonds in this range are generally either orange or intense and vividly yellow. They consist of a secondary color and this particular color and its level of intensity determine the price of these particular diamonds. However, if that secondary color tends to be somewhat yellow or brown; the price falls dramatically. The pure orange ones tend to be the most priced ones in this category. If compared with the white-colored diamonds, there are some which might be more expensive while the others being less.

The High-range diamonds


Purple, pink, green, violet, blue, and the extreme orange ones fall in this category. These are the rarest colors and usually estimate for millions of dollars and sold through auctions. The price even tends to increase if such diamonds are further enhance a lot. And if compared with the white ones, then yes these are the more expensive diamonds.

The Extremely Expensive diamonds


This is the category where there are a lot of debates.

For the white colorless diamonds though, no doubt “D” graded diamonds are the most premium diamonds and extremely priced. But, when it comes to colored counterparts, then usually tends to be a competition among the pink and the blue-colored diamonds.

Now, we believe one must have cleared their minds about the confusion regarding the expense to color questions that were there. Though; one more color is left for us to talk about as we were saving it for the last.

The Rarest and Expensive Color


It’s Red. 

Yes, The rarest and expensive diamonds in this world are the red color diamond. They only come in hues of brown and purple as pure red diamonds are almost extinct. The Moussaieff Red (5.11 carats) is the most possible red diamond known to mankind till now.

It is very hard to compare the pricings of two separate red diamonds as they have a very high color and carat to price ratio. Another special thing about the color red in diamonds is that even if a stone shows any red as secondary coloration, it will still be of a very high price. No other color is as valued as the color red in this industry.

 Having said that, below we will be listing the most famous red color diamond which are known to mankind. Follow-through:

The Moussaieff Red


Weighing at 5.11 carat, this is the largest red-colored and also the reddest color diamond is known to mankind. It is also known as the “Red Shield”. Brazilian farmer found this in the 1990s and initially weighed 13.9 carats. In the early 2000s, the Moussaieff jewelry firm bought this beauty for $8 million; and is the reason why the diamond is called so.

The Kazanjian Red Diamond


This diamond holds the place for the second-largest red diamond in this world. It weighs for 5.05 carat and is of the emerald cut. Found in 1927, in South Africa and weighed for a whopping 35 carats, being in its rough state. The cost of this stone is believe to even cross $50 million. 

The DeYoung Red Diamond

This is the third largest red diamond in the world and weighs for 5.03 carat. It was previously owned by Sydney DeYoung (which explains its name origination). Later, Sydney donated it to the Smithsonian Institution’s Natural History Museum. The diamond is believed to be $5 million.

The Hancock Red


This diamond is believed to be the most expensive per-carat gemstone ever sold at auction; as it was sold for $880,000 while weighing 0.95 carats only. It got its name from Warren Hancock, who bought it in the year of 1956 for merely $12,500.

How Do Diamonds Get Their Red Color?


Red diamonds have much thins in uncommon than most other colored diamonds. Though not for sure, it is consider that the red color forms in a diamond because of changes done to the diamond’s. Molecular structure, unlike other diamonds which are the colored cause of the impurities present inside. This is also why red diamond only listed as Fancy in colored diamond color grade ratings.

There it is, the miscellaneous and confusing questions about diamonds, all answered. We hope one has enjoyed knowing such intriguing and interesting facts that are there about the diamond world and believe they would further share on their knowledge to the others seeking it.