How Are Fancy Colored Diamonds Formed?

how are fancy colored diamonds formed

As we know that the absence of color in the diamonds impacts on the price and the value of a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds are now also created in different fancy colored diamonds. Generally, the diamonds which reflects a slight brown or yellow tint as they aren’t desirable. As the more colorless diamonds are more valuable and radiant. 

What matters is to find a beautiful stone that is more colorless without overpaying it. As the lab-grown diamonds aren’t created flawlessly. For each stone, there is a difference in color, quality, and other traits. 

Lab-grown diamonds are found in fancy colors. But, the grading of the fancy color diamond is different from colorless diamonds. The yellow color lab-created diamonds are common whereas, still the blue and pink colored lab-grown diamonds are still rare. To understand the fancy colored diamond you must read the whole article. 

What Are Lab-Grown Fancy Colored Diamonds?

what are lab-grown fancy colored diamonds

The colored diamonds are the diamonds which has a noticeable color when viewed in a face-up position. The most common color which is most common is the Yellow and brown and other colors like red, orange, green, violet, pink and blue are the rarest colored diamonds. The black, white, and gray lab-grown diamonds are also possible to create. 

Beyond the “Z” range the lab-grown diamond exhibit yellow and brown or other colored tints are the fancy colored diamonds. According to GIA, Including, blue, pink, green & red is the rare specimens that come in every color of the spectrum. 

How Are Colored Diamonds Made?

how are colored diamonds made

Well, the color diamonds are formed due to a glitch. A pure lab-grown diamond is created with an only element carbon. The color shade like yellow and brown are the impurities that are present in trace amounts. Due to impurities of the diamonds causes in beautiful shades of colored diamonds. 

Whether it is the colored natural diamond or a colored lab-grown diamond both are created in the same process. Here we have figured out the various shades which are formed by respective elements: 

1: Yellow, Orange, and Brown:  The yellow, orange, and brown color diamonds are created when various amounts of nitrogen are mixed with the carbon. 

2: Green: The green colored diamonds are created due to natural gamma radiation. 

3: Pink & Red: Well, red and pink diamonds are formed due to higher pressure. 

4: Blue: The blue hue is created when small amounts of boron mix with the carbon. 

How Colored Diamonds Get Their Color?

how fancy colored diamonds get their color

As we have already discussed above, that during the growth process of the lab-grown diamond, the trace elements are added up when the fancy colored diamonds are grown. 

Do all Fancy colored diamonds has the same quality?

do all fancy colored diamonds has the same quality

Well, the quality of the fancy colored diamonds varies exceptionally. So it’s important to understand and inspect the fancy colored diamond you purchase. As many of the yellow tint lab-grown diamonds are overly saturated and bright orange. Whereas, the pink and blue tint diamonds look unnatural. 

Are Fancy Colored Diamonds Rare?

are fancy colored diamonds rare

Well, if we talk about the mined colored diamonds which are really rare. For example, to get only one fancy colored diamond is out of every 10,000 mined diamonds. This is why the colored mined diamonds are expensive. 

On the other hand, the fancy color lab-grown diamonds are not rare like the mined color diamond. This is why the colored lab-created diamonds are less expensive than the mined colored diamond. 

Which Color Are The Rarest?

which color are the rarest

In order to mined diamonds and the lab-created diamonds the fancy colors from least rare to most rare are: Brown, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Red, Blue, and Black. 

Can we find a fancy colored lab created diamond?

can we find a fancy colored lab-created diamond

Well, the lab-created colored diamonds are less expensive than the mined colored diamonds. As high fancy colored diamonds are still limited and unpredictable. But if you are looking for a perfect fancy colored lab-grown diamonds, then you should at least wait for several weeks or months.