Why Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

why lab-grown diamond engagement ring

Lab-grown diamond engagement ring can simply be described as those diamonds used which are made in laboratories. Where the extreme conditions require for the creation of a natural diamond is mimicked. They are identical to naturally grown diamonds, not just in terms of their look, but also physically and chemically. The diamonds forming in nature require an immense amount of heat and pressure to occur. And such is possible as they are form deep inside the Earth’s mantle. 

Now, the same process is replicate in the modern labs by the scientists. Where except for earth’s core closely contained machines are used. There are generally two ways by which a diamond can be grow inside a laboratory. For both of these processes, a flat slithers or known as “seed” of another diamond.

(HPHT) or High-Pressure High Temperature:-

In this method, the seed of the diamond is placed inside a chamber. Where it is placed among pure graphite carbon particles in extreme pressure, approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch. And also is exposed to very high temperatures, about 1500C.

(CVD) or Chemical Vapor Deposition:-

This process was invented in recent years, and it involves heating the diamond seed to 800C inside a sealed container or chamber. Which is filled with gases rich with carbon. In such conditions, the gases begin sticking to the seed forming up a diamond carbon slowly and gradually atom by atom.

It must also be mention that in both the processes mentioned above. The time taken in the production of a diamond is almost a bit lesser than a month. Whereas it almost takes years after years for the same diamond to be produce naturally.

Worth of A Lab-Grown Diamond:-

worth of a lab-grown diamond

It is not a thing that should be suggested to someone. But it is entirely a personal preference or choice for each individual to decide for them as they are free to do so. One must know fully about the thing that he or she is going to buy and buying a diamond is no joke; it being such an expensive and precious piece of stone.

Regardless of what people may say about lab-grown diamonds being made artificially and hence they are not “real”; they are equivalent to the natural diamonds which are produce in nature. And showcase similar properties in terms of their looks or physical properties or chemical properties. In the modern era, a logical and sane mind would always go for the things. Which are proved and based on science and technology, and a lab-grown diamond is no exception. They are a wonderful human creation and are also an environmentally conscious approach. As the process of producing them is much more efficient and cost-effective if compare to the natural diamonds.

lab-grown diamond engagement ring like a natural diamond

Lab-grown diamonds are great alternatives to their natural counterparts. And are a much more cost-efficient approach, as the buyer will get the same diamond ring like a natural diamond one but in a lesser budget. So, it can genuinely be stated that they are the somewhat superior option if look at economically. And the negate the fact that diamonds are such a rare and scarce stone that is mined from nature; as it can now be easily produced in the man-made labs. 

The ultimate decision should be that of the customers and their respective partners. As which category of diamond satisfies their needs and preference.

Why One Might Choose A Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

why one might choose a lab-grown diamond engagement ring

An engagement is a special occasion, which occurs almost once in a lifetime for most of us. Now, a special and expensive gift such as a beautiful diamond ring will just only add to the beauty of such occasion. And will make the moments forever memorable to the special one.

Now, when it is a major requirement for us to make the event as perfect as it can be; it may feel unethical or a bit off-putting for someone if they go for a natural diamond made ring. Due to the humanitarian issues that arise and comes along it.

But, they need not worry now as here has come too good to be a true replacement for such woes and worries. Below are suggested a total of 10 basic reasons describing. Why one might prefer or choose a lab-grown diamond ring as a perfect engagement gift

They Are the Most Ethical Choice If Compared-

they are the most ethical choice if compared

One may feel a little off when going for purchasing a natural diamond ring. Just because they are infamous of having a history of being the unethical choice. As such worry is legitimate enough, as it requires a huge amount of energy and resources to extract them out from deep within the earth. And as a result also have an impact on the environment.

lab-grown diamonds lab

Whereas lab-grown diamonds the counterparts are manufacture artificially in a controlled environment inside a laboratory. Making them not at all a harm to the biodiversity or ecology. And hence there come to no such issues of ethics with it.

They Look Exactly Similar-

they look exactly similar

It is perhaps a big advantage for the customers and buyers; as there a no difference from their mined counterparts, be it in terms of their looks or feel. Someone can’t differentiate between the two stones in the naked eye. They are so similar to each other that, in some cases. Even the modern devices or diamond detectors cannot also distinguish between them. As they are also similar to the mined diamonds chemically and physically. There is just a subtle difference between the two, being that lab-grown diamonds have an inscription on them which are tiny; microscopic in fact. But one need not worry as one simply cannot read such inscription without having any form of specialized equipment handy.

The Best Option for the Wallet-

the best option for the wallet

To specify simply, natural diamonds are the costlier option. Just because they require a good amount of economy just to be mine out and extract from the earth’s surface. But, no such thing comes along with the lab-grown ones. And hence one can simply buy a bigger and better quality diamond for the same or even lower price.

Peace of Mind:-

One can simply be in peace once they know about the full specification of the origin and information of their diamonds. With the lab-grown ones, it is always easy but it is not for the natural ones. Just because there may not be any ethnicity to their real origin or sources. 

It’s the same but A Bit More:-

Its the same but a bit more

Both lab-grown and natural diamonds are extremely identical. But the lab-grown ones still qualify as the better deal. Simply because they are produced in full human jurisdiction and hence have fewer imperfections than the natural ones.

Not At All Harmful Ecologically:-

not at all harmful ecologically

It may surprise one but, an immense amount of earth has to be digging just to mine out a diamond stone of a single carat. This degrades the ecological condition of the places nearby the mines and hence might not be the best deal. No such thing is essential in case of lab-grown ones proving them the better option.

They Assist in the Cause Of Diamond Scarcity:

they assist in the cause of diamond scarcity

Natural diamond is very rare and is also present in very little amounts in nature. Hence if just used continuously to serve their needs to mankind, a time might come when they will get extinct. Lab-grown diamonds serve to this depletion cause. They can be produce exactly according to the diamond needs in the market.

Various Options To Choose From:-

various options to choose from

With the help of modern technology, lab-grown diamonds are not only mass-produce in abundance. But one also gets various shapes and color options to choose from according to their requirement.

Showcase Modernity:-

They are the new trend, the modern option and symbolize modern love. One can always be a science-fan and keep their technical mindset in sway with the option of human-made diamonds.

They Are A Socially Responsible Option:-

they are a socially responsible option Lab-grown diamond engagement ring

Lab-grown diamonds do not include in any form to the ecological or human exploitation matters. And are a much better option for the customers as they can feel free. That these diamonds are not related to their natural “blood” diamond counterparts.

Now with such options in mind. One can feel free to get a lab-grown diamond engagement ring as a present to their most beloved one. And make their engagement day more memorable than ever.