Why A Diamond Ring Is A Perfect Gift For All Occasions


When you think of a diamond ring, wedding rings or engagement rings are probably what pops into your mind first. However, I bet you did not know that diamond rings can on different occasions.  Some occasions where a diamond ring would be appropriate. Include births, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.


Diamond Ring For Births

You have the option of giving a ring or two rings for both of the parents. A ring for such an occasion need not be showy. You can have the ring engraved with the child’s initials once the baby’s name has been communicated to you. You can alternatively gift the child with their first piece of jewelry. Such as bangle which you can have designed to fit the child’s wrist or ankle. And embed the child’s birthstone in the jewelry using the chart above.

Diamond Ring For Graduation

Graduations don’t come around that often and they are a time to celebrate a major milestone in an individual’s life and the beginning of another. A diamond ring could be the perfect way to symbolize this achievement or an engraved or diamond embedded watch,  a bracelet, a necklace or even a pair of diamond earrings. These are a great way to enhance your aesthetic if they require it of you in your new job.

Diamond Ring For Anniversaries

This isn’t a new concept, especially for a significant anniversary then jewelry would be your obvious go-to gift. A good point to note for anniversaries would be that every year of marriage has an attachment to a specific gemstone. Aside from the typical silver for 25 years of marriage and gold for 50 years of marriage. It should be noted that diamond marks a 10 year anniversary. Whereas a ruby symbolizes 15 years and an emerald signifies 20 years and so on and so forth. So if you are intending on gifting someone with an anniversary ring. It would be important to consider the anniversary being celebrated and its specific gemstone.

An eternity ring is another significant ring being that it is a symbol of two partners’ eternal love for each other, it is characterized by a continuous line of tiny crystals normally diamonds on the band. We can give them as a gift hypothetically even though it is customary for them to as gifts on the 50th anniversary.

Diamond Ring For Birthdays

Who wouldn’t love a diamond ring for their birthday!? Especially if the birthday is a milestone one enjoy turning 21 or 30, 40 and even beyond that. A diamond ring will make the individual feel special on their day and they will appreciate the gift for the rest of their life.