Why Diamonds Are Girl’s Best Friend?


Whenever you think of gifting something to a woman, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is diamonds. Diamonds are considered to be a girl’s/woman’s best friend. And are valuable and that is why, when you gift diamonds to someone, it means you value them and that’s what makes them special. Diamonds are one of the most popular stones and considered to be a symbol of love.

Diamonds also somehow show social standings and their women love it even more. When you gift diamonds Rings to a lady, the glow that you’ll see on her face is much more than the sparkle of the diamond.

Different Shapes of Diamond

There are different shapes of diamond and every shape has something to say. Below is the list which will help you to understand the shapes of diamonds better and reduce your confusion regarding which is the best for you. So there is no better time to pamper your inner fantasies with some of these Javda’s beautiful diamonds.

Round Shape Diamonds

One of the oldest as well as popular shapes in diamonds is the round one. It is designed in such a way that it produces as much sparkle as possible. It is classic as well as stylish.

Princess Shape Diamonds

As the name suggests, princess cut diamonds are elegant and classic just what princess’s would like to wear. The popularity of these diamonds have increased over a period of time because they are considered a combination of classic sparkle with modern design.

Asscher Shape  Diamonds

If  you are the one that likes to stand out from the crowd, then Asscher diamonds are best for you. With celebrities opting for Asscher shape diamonds its popularity has soared.

Emerald Shape Diamonds

An Emerald cut diamond is inspired by the gorgeous green gemstone. It has a vintage look to it which makes the wearer feel confident about themselves. The elongated shape emphasizes a lot on clarity and that makes it special.

Cushion Shape Diamonds

The cushion shape diamond is an antique design that evokes the glamour of the 1920s. It has some similarities with the round shaped diamond but is distinctive in its own way. If you love vintage then these are for you.

Oval Shape Diamonds

One of the most elegant and sophisticated shaped diamond is the oval-shaped diamond. They are especially for women with shorter fingers, as they create an illusion of length. Its sparkle is somewhat similar to the round shape diamonds.

Radiant Shape Diamonds

If you are looking for a combination of a round cut diamond and emerald one than buying a Radiant cut diamond at javda is the best choice. It is once again an elongated shape that’ll make your fingers look longer than usual.

Marquise Shape Diamonds

The Marquise shaped diamonds is an oval with tips. This diamond will make your hand appear slimmer and longer. If your woman likes the larger than life things in life than this is the best gift for her.

Pear Shape Diamonds

This teardrop resembling diamond has the fire and beauty of a round shaped diamond but with a not so conventional look. This too will help your finger look slimmer and longer than it actually is.

Heart Diamonds

A very romantic diamond that symbolizes love and devotion is the heart-shaped diamond. This is especially for those women who love fairy tales and looking for their soul mate.

With so many shapes available it becomes very difficult to choose from but now that you have information about each of these diamonds and their significance we hope that the choice is easy. You can shop for all these diamonds at Javda Jewelry who are the Top rated diamond seller since 2003.