Do Color Lab-Grown Diamonds Change Color?

do color-lab-grown-diamonds-change-color

Color Lab-Grown Diamonds – Lab-grown or manmade diamonds can be describe as those diamonds. That are cultured and engineered inside a laboratory under special jurisdiction. Mimicking the natural phenomenon involved for the creation of diamonds. They are expose to extremely high temperatures and pressure. And are cultivate almost in a time frame of less than a month. They have the same look and feel of the naturally mined diamonds. And even match with their physical and chemical properties.

shape and size of diamond

They can be made according to their demand or need; meaning they are made available in different shapes, sizes, and different color options. They exhibit the same quality and value as those of the naturally mined diamonds. And hence are an excellent option and are comparable with their naturally produce counterparts. Moreover, they are the superior choice as they are more affordable than the naturally produced diamonds. And hence are much more preferable in terms of cost-efficiency.

What CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Means?

what CVD chemical vapor deposition means

CVD is the name of an artificial process by which diamonds are produce in special gem laboratories. By scientists and gem experts. CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition method involves breaking down of molecules of a carbon-rich gas, into hydrogen and carbon atoms. And then are deposit on seeds of diamond forming up a tabular and square-shaped diamond crystal. All of this is done inside closed containers under very certain and scientific jurisdiction.

After the creation of the newly formed diamonds, they can then be treated under extreme temperatures. Further to change or enhance their colors and hues.

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Show Color Alterations?

do color lab-grown diamonds show color alterations

Now, comes the big question, do color lab-grown diamonds change their colors. Or will change in the future or after a certain period. One need not worry as we will try our level best to provide the essential information to them. And thus, successfully answering all of their doubts and worries.

Yes, it is possible to change the colors of color lab-grown diamonds or synthetic diamonds. Scientists have now and then done various forms of experimentation on lab-grown diamonds. That were produce by the chemical vapor deposition process.

color lab-grown diamonds exposed to extreme heat

If they are expose to extreme heat or Ultraviolet radiation. These diamonds often show changes in color, all of which are mostly reversible. When heated to above a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. A significant reduction in their initial color was attain and taken note of. The ones which were expose to Ultra Violet radiation tend to change their color to darker hues and variations.

Now, both these types of sample diamonds, once they were return to the normal atmospheric conditions. Under a normal daylight-equivalent lamp during the grading process, returned to their initial color or the stable color.

However such did not happen when the same samples of diamonds were kept in the dark. And their reversed color remained the same.

Experiments Were Done On Them by the GSI:-

The GSI or the Gemological Science International, has conducted various experiments. And thus has warned the gemologists and diamond trading companies those deal with laboratory-grown diamonds; that such diamonds which are grow using the Chemical Vapor Deposition process. Can alter or change their respective colors if they are expose to certain special radiations of light forms. And, these alterations exactly depend on for what amount of time they are expose to the light form. And exactly what form of light, it is.

Also, the CVD diamonds generally return to their initial or normal colorations under about 30 minutes. When they are kept in normal direct sunlight, but still there remains some stones or diamonds in question. Which took almost around two to two and a half hours to return to their initial phases. Which thus that these CVD diamonds may alter or change their colors anywhere anyhow through casual use.

According to the GSI chief information officer Nicolas Del Re, CVD diamonds may alter their colors and minute states. Even if they are expose to a minute change in their general atmospheres, changes in radiations they receive or electromagnetic rays and wavelengths. Even as simple light forms as the backlight of a nightclub.

This occurrence of a change in color of the diamond stones. Due to a process that they undergo named photochromism.  In this process, the electrons within the diamonds change their state of energy. And get agitated which then further changes. How they can absorb or radiate the energy from the light source, and thus simply changing their color.

It is recommend by the organization, that before any form of color grading. All lab-grown diamonds which are produce with the help of the CVD process. Should be deposit in a spectrum light box for at least a time limit of about 30 minutes. So that the grading valuation can be most accurate.

Gemological Science International or the GSI:-

gemological science international or-the gsi

The Gemological Science International or GSI is the name of a large gemological organization which is located in New York City. It is also one of the largest organizations that deal with gems and stones and anything related to gemology. They were found in the year 2005 and have extended their labs and facilities. To four different continents and have about 13 different gemological labs.

They provide extensively professional and certified grading and gemstone identification services. And have the best of the best researchers and gemstone scientists from all over the world. They also have their research centers, where detail inspection and research is done. About almost every possible gem and stone that is available in the market and as a result. They also can provide educational programs regarding gemstones to the general public as well as the trade professionals and companies.


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Diamonds, be it lab-grown or naturally mined are equally precious to every person who aspires them. One must not be reluctant about the lab-grown gemstones. Simply just because they have already received the certifications and grading reports from the company and the professionals. But they should also take the utmost and proper care of these diamonds that they adore so much. And we are just the right source of information. From where they can gain knowledge about every kind of property these lab-grown diamonds provide.

It is the responsibility of every individual to enlighten themselves. About every aspect of the product they are going to spend their hard-earned dollars on. And hence should also know and follow the featured guidelines and information that we benevolently provide.