Facts And Myths About Lab-grown Diamond

facts and myths about lab-grown diamond

We know that shopping for diamonds is not an easy task and is honestly a very hard process. If the diamond to be bought is an ethical one. It might be possible that one has opted out for the lab-created or the lab-grown diamond. By hearing about its sustainability and affordability. But, again there might be some things that one must have heard. Which ultimately has stopped them from buying out the diamond without any worry. Such as they don’t provide any resale value and are not so much of a “real” stone to believe upon.

These acquisitions are mostly spread just because once the masses come to know about the superiority of these lab-grown diamonds. Then the naturally mined diamonds would be out of business.

Here, we provide some of the facts and myths about the laboratory manufactured diamonds for people to look upon. These will provide a good amount of ideas in one’s head about what’s real and what’s not.

The Myths of Lab-grown Diamond

1. They Lose Their Value Being Artificially Made

they lose their value being artificially made

Everybody must have heard the famous phrase “Diamonds are forever”, and thus many believe their precious diamonds to be something of big investment for the future. Unfortunately, the following belief is a myth and should be busted. One can never get a price equal to or more than. What they have paid for during their purchase of that particular diamond stone; unless and until it is something of a great rarity and is part of history or some legacy (for instance the Pink Legacy Diamond).

However, one need not worry or fear because, as there is a market for selling mined diamonds. So is there a specific market where people can resale their lab-grown diamond also.

2. Lab-grown Diamonds Are Artificial


Most of the time, a diamond that is cultured and produced in a laboratory or “artificially” is referred to as something. Which is not good enough or not “real”. But, that is absolutely a false statement. As they are identical to their naturally mined counterparts in terms of their looks and visibility. And are also made from high-quality carbon, making them similar to those natural ones. Hence, one must not be concerned in any way about the purity that these laboratory-grown diamonds tend to offer.

3. They Don’t Possess Any Certification


Regardless of what the hoax there is present, lab-grown diamond to get equally certified as of their natural comparable. And it must be noted that these lab-grown diamonds to receive their certifications from the same regulatory authorities. For instance, the GIA who also certify the naturally grown gemstones and diamonds. Hence one can opt-out for them without having any form of doubt in their minds.

4. They Are Not Durable Enough


Diamonds are a symbol of love and uniqueness. They also, symbolize durability and strength and are one of the hardest substances available on Earth. Unfortunately, due to false allegations and rumors. People often come to hear that the lab manufactured diamonds are not as sturdy and durable as the naturally mined ones. And hence should not be focused upon. But this is a big myth as both types of diamonds share similarities not only in terms of their looks. But also in terms of their characteristics and properties chemically and physically and this is why their durability must never be questioned.

5. Lab-grown Diamond Don’t Last Long


If the belief of buying a lab-grown diamond would be foolish. As they don’t last as long as the natural diamonds is keeping one from buying a lab-grown diamond. Then it is time that he or she should get this myth debunked. They are equally everlasting as the naturally mined diamond and offer the same quality as them. Though it’s also a fact that one should also take care of these lab-grown diamonds. As they would of the natural ones. The diamond experts and researchers, from time to time have proved that. There is no such difference between both the types in terms of their longevity or durability. So, if buying the right piece, the diamond would stay with anyone throughout their life and even after so. 

6. They Have Several Flaws and Imperfections


One should not get carried away with such a myth as it has been ensured and proved already; that the lab-grown diamonds are exactly similar to the natural diamonds and as they are cultured under professional jurisdiction; the imperfections or impurities in them are next to negligible. One must hence not be alarmed of such petty rumors, and can with every possibility buy a lab-grown diamond.

7. Lab-grown Diamonds Are Not Eco-friendly


It is perhaps one of the most unreasonable myths that are present about these diamonds of all the other ones. One of the many reasons people have created out another variation to the natural diamonds is because of the effects. That are brought upon nature during the process of their mining. One the other hand, lab- diamonds just require a safe and stable place of the formation along with just a bunch of chemicals that are available industrially. Moreover, the CVD method is the most efficient and ethical of the ways of producing a diamond ensuring zero harm to nature or natural habitats or environment.

The Facts Of Lab-grown Diamond

the facts of lab-grown diamond
  • Lab grown diamonds and diamond stimulants are not at all the same. A stimulant is something that only looks like the real ones. But does not have any other similarities like any features or characteristics. Examples of diamond stimulants are moissanite, cubic zirconia, and white sapphire.

  • It is a fact that diamonds that are grown in the labs are cheaper than the ones mined naturally. One can save up to 35% if they opt for a lab-grown diamond.

  • It requires much fewer resources in the creation of lab-grown diamonds than it is in case of the natural ones and presently this has become an important quality to several customers.

  • 80% or more people are always satisfied with their first purchase of lab-grown diamonds.

  • It is estimated that by the year 2026, lab-created diamonds will stoop up to the limit of 20 million carats in terms of their production.

  • They are not “fake” and are 100% crystallized form of carbon, as those of the natural ones.

  • It is not possible to tell the difference between the lab-grown and naturally mined diamonds, even for some jewelers and gemologists.

Above listed are some popular myths and facts about the lab-grown diamonds. Which will help in creating up the right form of idea and awareness in the minds of people. Which in turn will ultimately help them in a better comparison between the two of the types.

Last but not the least, it is always suggested that one should go for a complete evaluation of the diamond. That he or she is going to purchase, and only after doing so shall they close the deal.