Is There a Resale Value of Lab-grown Diamonds?

is there a resale value for lab grown diamonds

Before purchasing a lab-grown diamonds, we must take some minutes to discuss on the resale value of lab-grown diamonds. It’s very important to understand the circumstances of the resale value of lab-grown diamonds. 

But, if you think that you’ll be getting the resale value on the lab-grown diamonds then It will not be a good idea. While all diamond has resale value on purchase but in the case of lab-grown diamonds will lead you to lose an amount of money. 

Can You Resell a Lab-Grown Diamond?

can you resell a lab-grown diamond

Before we discuss the resale value of lab-grown diamonds, you need to know about the resale value of natural diamonds. 

In the last decay, it was virtually impossible to sell mined diamonds for profit. As the retailers had to keep their profit just to resale the diamond that they used to purchase.  

Well, yes! You can resell a lab-grown diamond. As many natural diamond jewelers will say that there is no resale value on the lab-grown diamonds. However, this is not true. Like, the mined diamonds have a resale value the same way the lab-grown diamonds also have the same resale value. 

As we know, since in recent years the price of the lab-grown diamonds has been dropped. This is why the resale value of the lab-created diamonds is minimal. As the jewelers don’t buy back the lab-grown diamonds and if you still try to sell it online then you will get pennies on the dollar. 

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

what are lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are the human-made diamonds which are exactly chemically, physically and optically identically to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are created by pure carbon atom structure with the identically visual and chemical characteristics to form a crystal-like the natural diamonds. But the resale value of a lab-grown diamonds is incredibly low.

Cost of Lab-Created Diamonds

cost of lab-created diamonds

The cost of the lab-grown diamonds fluctuates, sometimes it can get costly as it can be cheap. Some main factors impact the cost of lab-grown diamonds like cut, carat weight, color, clarity, shape, and certification. 

1: Cut

The beauty of a lab-grown diamond is influenced by the diamond’s cut. It gets expensive when you choose an excellent or ideal cut diamonds than a good or very good cut diamonds. 

2: Carat Weight

The weight of a diamond is measured with the carats, e.g., 1 carat or more. The carat weight affects the cost of a diamond as the heavier diamond will be expensive. 

3: Color

The color scale of the lab-created diamonds is measured from scale D to Z. Normally, the D color diamonds are colorless whereas, the Z color diamonds have a noticeable yellow or brown tint. So we recommend to look for the colorless diamonds which ranges from G-J as they cost less than D, E & F colored diamonds. 

4: Clarity 

The clarity of a diamond refers to the imperfections and inclusions present in a diamond. A diamond without inclusions is expensive than the diamonds which has noticeable imperfections. FL & VVS diamonds are expensive whereas, the VS1 & VS2 diamonds are less expensive with unnoticeable imperfections. 

5: Shape

There are many different shapes that you find in a diamond but the round cut is the most popular and expensive than the other cuts like Asscher cuts, oval cuts, etc. are the next most expensive. People seem to love this particular shape diamond because of its brilliance. 

6: Certification

The certification doesn’t play any role itself in the increase or decrease in the price of a diamond. It is just for verification of what you are paying for. An IGI certification is recommended for the lab-grown diamonds because of its major extensive & reliable grading. The IGI certification ensures the originality of the diamond you are purchasing. 

The Problems You Face While Reselling Diamonds

the problems you face while reselling diamonds

The problems that you face while reselling diamonds are as follows:

  • All diamonds are sold for a lesser price while reselling. 
  • There are hundreds of wholesalers offering lower prices on the diamonds. 
  • The jewelers have access to much lower prices since the diamond sellers often set a higher price for the average consumer. 
  • This situation results for you to sell the diamond you bought at a much lesser price. 
  • It is very hard to know the actual resale of a diamond since every diamond is unique. 
  • Fluctuation in prices and appreciation doesn’t depend on whether it’s a lab-gown and a natural diamond. 
  • There are always differences in the re-sale prices between a lab-grown diamonds and the mined diamonds. 

Does Lab-Grown Diamond Worth Anything?

does lab-grown diamond worth anything

There are no re-sale values on lab-grown diamonds, as you won’t be able to get its actual resale worth. Simply, if you are looking forward to re-sale your 1.20-carat lab-grown diamond, no jeweler will be willing to buy it back neither you will be able to get a fair price online.