How To Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special 


Best ways to make your Valentine,s day special

Valentine’s Day; the one day of the year where everyone knows romance is in the air. The red roses being sold on every corner of the street to be gifted to your loved ones. The stuffed teddies that are cute and cuddly with a heart on them written “Will you be my Valentine?”, no one can resist that face. Jewelry stores make a killing on this day, courtesy of the many gifts purchased. Restaurants are overbooked for dinner, chocolate boxes now clearing off the shelves in abundance and the theme color red in full display everywhere. The one day you can make your Valentine,s day special if you put a little effort into it.

Serve Up The Special Early In The Morning


Start the day off with a surprise; breakfast in bed with some heart-shaped pancakes topped off with strawberries and whipped cream. Drizzle some maple sauce on them in the shape of a heart and a bright red strawberry at the center. Add a single red rose to the tray and tied to its stem, could be a tiny gift box to make the day start off in an extra special way.

Send her a bouquet of roses at work. She can proudly display them on her desk and make everyone envious. As soon as they surround her to get a better glimpse at the freshly cut stems. Write something sweet on the card, a secret shared between the two of you that will make her smile the entire day.

Later on, let her dress up, take her out to a special date. That restaurant she has always wanted to go to, or where you had your first date. Where you went down on one knee to propose or where she told you she was expecting your first child and it elated you.

Gifts And More Gifts


A Box of chocolates shaped like a heart, a cute teddy that just makes you want to give it hugs. Some fancy shoes she can wear later on at night as you paint the town red with your Valentine’s Day date. A necklace or bracelet to jazz up the outfit and put a gigantic smile on her face. A candlelit dinner at home, enjoying the evening after a hard day’s work. A box of red velvet cupcakes which you know she loves and chooses not to indulge in too often so she can keep a trim waistline. Some sexy lingerie she can wear to bed at night that will make her feel like a princess in satin. These are just some gifts to make this day a very special one.

A Day to Remember


Is it a surprise engagement planned for the most romantic day of the year? If so, have a little sparkle tucked away in your coat pocket to work the magic. She will be ecstatic. Are you planning on renewing your vows? Show her the new ring on Valentine’s Day and watch as she lights up when you get down on your knee again and make her feel like she did the first time you proposed, only this time, you are rekindling the romance.

Scavenger Hunt


Knowing that there is something special awaiting her at the end of the hunt makes it even more worthwhile. Use clues made of riddles to guide her. Start in the house and end up in a restaurant with the evening’s activities planned out for both of you. Start at work and lead her back home to a romantic evening awaiting her; candlelit dinner, an aromatic bath with salts as she sips on champagne and relaxes or even a message.

Rekindle The Romance


Send each other love notes, reminding each other of what used to be back in the days. Re-ignite that spark that may have dwindled over the days, months or even years. Make her feel special again. Write something sweet and leave it on the counter for her to find. Plan a picnic in the middle of the day in a park, under the trees and with nature as you enjoy the serenity. Take her back to the restaurant where you had your first date and ask her to be your girlfriend all over again. Curl up on the sofa together and watch a romantic movie that she likes and is timeless and gives her that goofy smile on her face.

Weekend Getaway


Plan a surprise trip for the weekend, just the two of you.Waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the beach and taking a stroll down to it as you sit and enjoy the salty breeze. Plenty of sunscreens to make sure your tan lines are just right. If you can’t go too far away from the city, plan a rendezvous in a hotel where pampering is the order of the day. Room service, massages, spa dates, watching movies in bathrobes that are fluffy and warm, and plopping down on bedsheets that have a thread count you only dream of. That sounds perfect.

Expensive Trinkets on Valentine’s Day


Plan adequately and choose carefully. The options in this realm are endless for jewelry. Ladies love the sparkly stuff, and it guarantees this to make this day extra special. You could choose a simple necklace with a gem on it that sparkles in the light. You could also go with a timeless pair of diamond earrings that say “You mean the world to me. Here, you go. You deserve something special.” Diamond bracelets are beautiful pieces too, and could very well make a girl blush. You could also cap it all off with a gorgeous diamond ring just because it’s Valentine’s day.

Need ideas on where to look for the perfect diamond ring? Visit The sparkle comes in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from. This will make Valentine’s Day an extra special one.