The Ultimate Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry


When it comes to fine jewelry, there’s nothing more elegant, more tasteful and more romantic. Whether you’re buying for yourself or you’re shopping one for that someone special, knowing how to buy it, is critical to choosing the right jewelry. This article provides a complete guide to buying fine jewelry and I assure you after you have read it, you’ll finally understand and in addition to learning the different types of metals and gemstones that make fine jewelry so unique.

How to choose fine jewelry metals?


When buying jewelry metal, you have the opportunity to choose from two distinctive categories, precious metal, and alternative metals. However, if you are looking for durable jewelry, then precious metals are the way to go. Gold is a precious metal that exists in a variety of colors, including the common yellow, there is also white and rose. However, you can seek out sterling silver. If your budget is high enough you can go palladium or platinum jewelry. Platinum is the most expensive as well as the sturdiest and is likely to last a lifetime. Gold being the most popular comes in many colors as well as it’s less expensive than platinum. For the budget conscious, sterling silver jewelry is ideal as it lusters just as much as gold or platinum.

On the alternative metal bracket, metals like tungsten carbide, titanium, and cobalt chrome are also ideal. These are cost affordable and offer a range of color and possibility. That the normal precious metals do not offer.

How to choose jewelry gemstones?


Aside from the popular metals, there is also precious stones, otherwise known as gemstones. Gemstone jewelry offers different possibilities with some being natural or imitations (lab-made). It all depends on your budget, if you’re looking for something beautiful but you are on a strict budget, an imitation gemstone would suffice. A natural gemstone is mined from the earth. Cut and polished to desired shape and size. The imitation gemstone is made in the labs by combining various compounds. And subjecting then to favorable conditions of temperature and pressure. There is a huge difference among the two even if they may share the same properties, therefore it is important to know how to discern them and pay the right price for them.

The number of gemstones existing is numerous, you can shop by color, birthstone, planet, and energies, etc. in addition, to the common diamond, other popular gemstones include ruby, amethyst, sapphires, and emeralds. These can be substituted in place of diamonds and create stunningly beautiful engagement rings or jewelry gifts.

To successfully purchase a jewelry gift, you’ll need more than yourself to do it. Here are tips you can include;

  • Look Together

This concept is often reserved for engagement ring shopping. It can also be included in jewelry gift buying. Great advice is no matter how long you have known someone. You are bound to make a mistake in their preferences somehow. To avoid the possibility of picking the wrong piece, it would be ideal to look together and know her taste. If you still wish to maintain the element of surprise, you can go back to the shop and purchase it without your spouse. The fact will be that you remembered the right piece that they, which makes the gift much appreciated on top of being sweet.

  • Ask When In Doubt

Instead of guessing blindly the perfect piece, always ask when in doubt. You can inquire from the gift recipient what they are after. Communication is key in relationships and will always lead to better gifts.

  • Investigate

If you are one for surprises, then the investigation is necessary. Be a detective and work out all the possibilities and angles in relation. Usually, people gravitate towards similar jewelry pieces, determined the person’s individual style. Once you get an idea of this, you’ll be good to go. In addition, there is always the option of finding something neutral if you are having trouble solving the mystery case.

  • Understand the Shape of the Face

The shape of the face also determines how a piece of jewelry will be worn. It’ll also help you in buying jewelry.

Round-shaped face

For the round-shaped face, long shaped jewelry is ideal, e.g. oval, long trapezoids and the like will look best on you.

Oval-shaped face

A lot of versatility can be applied here, different shapes like angular, and also long shapes are ideal.

Rectangular-shaped face

Contrasting jewelry will complement the rectangular shaped face. Button and studs are ideal. Also, soft and round jewelry will work.

Heart-shaped face

Due to the narrow chin, shorter jewelry will be ideal to add a bit of round to your face. Long cylindrical and triangular shaped jewelry are the ones you should be looking for.

  • Understand Your Skin Tone

In addition to the face shape, your skin tone in accordance with jewelry (warm-toned or cool-toned) will also influence the type of jewelry you’ll buy.

Cool-toned skin

A cool-toned person is the one whose veins appear blue with a rosy undertone skin. For a cool toned person, diamonds are ideal and metals that complement a cool tone like platinum, palladium, silver and white gold. Also, if you wish to adorn other gemstones look for white pearls, blue sapphires, deep emeralds, exquisite amethyst. Additionally, don’t shy away from bright colors like pink, purple and red.

Warm-toned skin

A warm-toned person’s veins appear green and the skin has a golden sheen on it. Here you’ll be recommended to embrace bright shouting colors like yellow gold or copper red. In the case of gemstones and precious metals go for colors like brown, orange, coral, olive, and turquoise. Additionally, golden pearls will look great on you.

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