How Many Diamond Facets Are In A Brilliant Cut Diamond?

how many facets are in a brilliant cut diamond

Diamond facets – Diamonds are one of the most remarkable gifts that the humankind has ever received. They stand out from all the other gems stones due to their brilliance and sparkle. This sparkle of a diamond is determine by. How the stone has been cut and shaped and what kind of light conditions does it meet.

Certain diamond cuts increase their sparkling and glittering feature than the other cuts. Let us now go in depths of the fact of what makes a diamond radiate the most impressive dazzle and sparkle.

What is the Secrets of Diamond’s Sparkle ?

what is the secrets of diamonds sparkle

The sparkle of a diamond depends on its ability to reflect light. From its facets right back to the viewer or person’s eye. The sparkle of a diamond is directly proportional to the cut quality of its facets.

This is the reason why diamonds are cut into various shapes including several facets. The diamond facets act as mirrors and they reflect and bounce light within themselves. And ultimately reflect out beautiful sparkle or variations of lights.

When we say the word “Sparkle”, we simply mean the diamond’s ability to reflect different lights. It is also refer to as “fire” and “brilliance”. To be more precise, “Brilliance” is the property of a diamond with respect to which it can reflect white light. The more the brilliance of a diamond, the more is its beauty.

Fire” means the ability of a diamond by respect to which they can disperse colored light. The more the fire of a diamond the more spectral contrasts and color variations can a diamond emit.

shapes and cuts in the diamond jewelry

Diamonds with more facets generally tend to be more beautiful and praiseworthy than the ones with fewer diamond facets. This is exactly why there have been specific shapes and cuts in the diamond jewelry field and emit the optimal sparkle, brilliance, and fire. Below are the list of some of the names of important diamond cuts. That are famous for their beautiful sparkles and light emissions.

The Famous Round Brilliant Cut

the famous round brilliant cut

This is the most brilliant and best among all the diamond cut. The Round Brilliant Cut diamonds consist of 58 facets, this enables the diamond to reflect light from each of its facets. And create the most gorgeous and dazzling sparkle of all. It is demonstrate to have the strongest possible sparkle and was designed for the same reason.

This cut is the result of the extensive Ph.D. thesis of the famous engineer and cutter Marcel Tolkowsky. Who is the year of 1919, draw up a mathematical conclusion for achieving optimal diamond brilliance.

So, is asked which is the sparkliest and brilliant diamond possible. The round brilliant cut should be one answer.

Apart from the round brilliant cut, there are also many other types of cuts present. Which can offer almost similar sparkle from a diamond but at a lesser cost. And can be a great alternative to the former mentioned cut. Let’s just have a look at these cuts as well-

Princess Cuts, Cushion Cuts, and Radiant Cuts-

princess cut diamond facets

The Princess Cut Diamond Facets – This cut is very famous for its ability to chop up and reflect light. If the cut quality is high enough, princess cuts can be a great alternative to round brilliant cuts. And can produce stunning sparkles.

cushion cut diamond facets

The Cushion Cut Diamond Facets -This is a great and affordable cut alternative to the round brilliant cut. It gives a high level of brilliance and fire and can reflect light well enough.

radiant cut diamond facets

The Radiant Cut Diamond Facets – This cut consists of 70 facets and is a combination of emerald cut and brilliant cut. It is very much efficient in creating a beautiful sparkle and brilliance.

Oval, Heart, Marquise and Pear Cuts

oval cut diamond facets

The Oval Cut Diamond Facets – These diamonds as their name suggests, have an oval shape and consist of 56 facets. They are slightly larger in shape than other cut diamonds of the same carat. They are famous enough to emit a gorgeous sparkle. And are somewhat comparable to the round brilliant cut if the cut quality is well enough.

heart cut diamond facets

The Heart cut Diamond Facets – Heart cut or heart-shaped diamonds are not that easy to find. They consist of facet numbers from 56 to 58. They can have a dazzling fire and brilliance as well.

marquise cut diamond facets

The Marquise Cut Diamond Facets – This particular cut has a great story of its origin. It is said that this cut was developed in the 18th century as per the request of the king of France, King Louis XV. And is particularly mold like the lips of Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, his mistress.

This cut consists of 56 facets and can produce well enough sparkle and fire.

pear cut diamond facets

The Pear Cut Diamond Facets – As the name suggests. The pear cut has the shape of a pear and consists of 58 facets. Which enables it to reflect a high amount of light. One should always look for the cut quality of this particular cut.

Simple Tips to Choose an Ideal Cut Diamond

simple tips to choose an ideal cut diamond

Below we suggest some simple tips by following which one can choose a diamond. Which shall offer the ideal cut and sparkle:

  • If one wants to purchase a diamond that has the optimal sparkle and luster. It is essential that one should limit his or her diamond search criteria amongst those diamonds. Which provide the highest cut grading.

  • Apart from the shape of the diamond, other factors like depth to table ratio and length to width ratio. Should also be closely look into and scrutinized. It is always advise to take the help of experts.

  • One should look for grading notations such as “Ideal” or “Excellent” in the grading reports. As these cut grades ensure diamonds to provide the best possible sparkle and brilliance.

  • One must select the diamond setting which gives room to more light to the diamond stone. If such prong is chosen then it will maximize the sparkle of the diamond.

  • As the Cut of the diamond is given importance so must be given to its color, clarity, and carat as well. Those are also important criteria for a diamond to emit dazzling fire and brilliance.

When all is said and done, the conclusion to finding the most sparkling diamond. Is to look for a diamond that has been brilliantly cut and polished. It is always suggested to look for proper certification of the diamonds too. As they are the proof of what the diamonds claim to be.

round brilliant cut-

As technology advances, modern diamonds tend to be more and more flawless in terms of their cut quality. Hence the sparkling quality of the stones also increases. Still, it is best recommendation to stick with the Round Brilliant Cut always. For the most ideal of the sparkle, fire, and brilliance.