What Is The Most Popular Diamond Cuts?

what is the most popular cut of diamond

We, humans, are the followers of the trend. We always try to dress up and present ourselves with the best possible trendy clothes and wears according to the social world. Diamonds too are not an exception. Just like every other shirt or boots or glasses we wear. Diamond cuts and shapes also are something of a modern trend nowadays. One should not get surprised if he or she sees that a diamond ring. Belonging to his or her family is now not to be found in any stores or has lived up its time.

But what one would prefer is all about the specific choices and priorities. And it is also highly suggested that one should educate themselves properly. Before straightaway going for a diamond shopping. As later it may be the case that the diamond bought was not the one he or she wanted!

Diamond Cuts According To Their Popularity

With endless variations to choose from, one might get confused about exactly. Which cut or shape to choose and which not to. That is why we would be suggesting here the top nine diamond cuts according to their market trend and popularity.

It is recommended to go through the article so that one can educate him or herself. With the specialties of each of these diamond cuts and hence choose accordingly.

The Round Cut (The Most Popular Cut)

the round cut diamond

This cut is considered as the most popular shape or cut among all the cuts discovered to date. And provides the best sparkle and shine than every other cut. It is so much popular and in demand. That almost 75 percent of the world’s diamonds are cut according to this shape. It generally consists of 58 facets, each of them placed and cut according to mathematical formulations. Which results in providing the maximum for and sparkle. As for their demand and preciousness. The cost of the round cut is also higher compared to every other cut present in the market. Not only for engagement rings, but round cuts also are the most sought. After choice for earrings and necklace pieces globally.

The Princess Cut

the princess cut diamond

This cut came into existence as per the polls of women. Who were asked how they wanted their diamond to be like. This particular cut has more of its weight centered towards its depth to get the maximum brilliance. And is renowned for the incredible shine that it provides. They are generally square with ratios from 1.00 to 1.05 and with depth percentages from 70 to 78 percent.

It is always recommended to wear the princess cuts with settings. That have four prongs so that its corners can be protected from chipping. The facet number comprises of either 57 or 58. Other names for princess cuts are “square modified brilliant” or “rectangular modified brilliant”. The term rectangular comes when the ratio exceeds the range of 1.10.

The Cushion Cut

cushion cut diamond

Generally square, cushion cuts can also be found in shapes of the rectangle. They are mostly suggested for women who have an active lifestyle as the cushion cut has their corners rounded. The facets are larger in shape which enhances the brilliance that these diamonds can offer.

Whereas, large facets also mean that inclusions or flaws if present in these diamonds can be easily located. Hence once should get their cushion cut diamonds reviewed from any expert gemologist.

The Oval Cut

oval cut diamond

When worn, this particular cut has the attribute to make one’s finger look thin and long. Diamonds of this cut are oval and generally appear larger than the round cut. Despite being of the same size and carat weight. It is generally suggested that one should look for oval cuts with a bit higher color grade. As the round ends typically can disperse light into more colors than the round cut diamonds.

The Emerald Cut

emerald cut diamond

Also known as the “step cut” due to their layered facets. Emerald cut diamonds are popular for their high-quality. And name for being one of the first diamond cuts to come to existence in this world. They are generally popular for their unique symmetrical sparkle. But, are prone to inclusion visibility due to less number of facets. Hence it is recommended that emerald cut diamonds should be worn with a bezel or closed setting.

The Pear Cut

pear cut diamond

As the name suggests, the pear cut diamonds are of a pear shape. They are incredibly popular among women due to their teardrop like shape and high sparkle. It consists of 58 facets and thus is a good option for a cut that can mask inclusions and flaws. It is suggested that one should set the diamond in such a way. That the pointed part of the stone remains covered.

The Marquise Cut

marquise cut diamond

Also known by its nicknames, such as the boat cut, navette cut, football cut, and eye cut; the marquise cut is popular because of its unique style and shape. Its intriguing shape provides the buyer with a huge number of ring choices and creativity showoffs. Also being popular to beautify long and slender fingers. It is highly recommended that one should choose the cut ratio. Anywhere between 1.75 and 2.25 for the best looking cut.

The Asscher Cut

asscher cut diamond

This particular cut is a unique blend of the emerald and the princess cut. And is popular because of its unique octagon-like shape. There are generally two shapes available for the emerald cut. The square ones which are of ratios 1.00-1.05 and the rectangular ones with ratios 1.30-1.50. They consist of 70 facets and are considered to be one of the shiniest cuts to exist.

The Radiant Cut

radiant cut diamond

The radiant cut is the combination of the purity of the emerald cut. With the brilliance of the round and is one of the most beautiful and symmetrical cut to existing. The cut ratio proportions are similar to those of the Asscher cut. Meaning this particular cut is also of two shapes; square and rectangle. This cut comprises of 70 facets and soft cut corners.

The Final Question

Now, after going through all the specifications about the cuts listed above. One might just get confused about which of the aforementioned one he or she should buy. Well, to be frank, the round cut is the one and the only best and premium cut. Among all the rest and hence accordingly is the most expensive compared to the others.

The shaped cuts, on the other hand, can be of an optimal choice as they look super trendy. And also cost lesser than the round cuts. The budget should always be one of the top priorities. When looking for a diamond and it does not necessarily mean. That the most costly stone would always be the best-suited one.

It all comes down to everybody’s personal preference and choice after all. Hence, one should sit back, have a discussion with their acquaintances, look at all the varieties properly. And then decide which cut would be the best bang for the budget.