Can You Easily Identify If A Diamond Is Mined Or Lab-grown Diamonds?

can you easily identify If a diamond Is mined or lab created

Each of us must have heard about the latest trend of laboratory manufactured diamonds nowadays. Yes, lab-grown diamonds it is. They are the result of countless experimentation that has been done by scientists and expert gemologists. And finally they have come up with methods to create diamonds in laboratories. 

These diamonds are no different from the natural diamonds that are mined from under the earth’s surface. They are exactly similar to the natural diamonds in regards to their physical, chemical, and visual properties. And hence are as much value as the natural ones. 

lab grown diamond made in laboratories

In the case of lab diamonds too, the main element required for their formation is carbon. Which is the case for the natural ones as well. There are only subtle differences between them. That is they lack any traces of nitrogen as they are made in laboratories under the supervision of the experts. It is simply not possible for a normal guy to distinguish between a lab-grown and a natural diamond through naked eyes.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

are lab grown diamonds real

This might be a question that would arise in people’s minds. When they consider the possibilities of purchasing lab-grown diamond jewelry. But, one must not fear; as officially according to the Federal Trade Commission or the FTC. Laboratory diamonds have been recognized as real and valuable as their naturally grown counterparts. And why should not they be, they are also created by mimicking the exact natural conditions. That the natural diamonds go through, except in a laboratory?

Can Lab-Grown Diamonds Be Distinguished From The Natural Ones?

can lab-grown diamonds be distinguished from the natural ones

When one opts to purchase lab-grown diamond jewelry it is justified for one to think. Whether these diamonds can be told from the natural diamonds by others or not. But let us assure you, it is just not possible. The only differences between the Lab-grown diamonds and the Natural Diamond formed ones are the differences in their rarity, cost, and sustainability. Even experts find it difficult some times to tell whether a certain diamond is natural or lab cultivated.

Let us now look in the details of the subtle differences between each of the types of diamonds. Though they are almost similar to each other, there remain a few differences examining. Which the gemologists can verify the source and origin of a diamond, if its lab grew or natural.

The Cost Of Diamond

costs of the lab-grown diamonds

Yes, it is one of the main differences that may point out the source of origin of a diamond to oneself. Though being of high quality and high value. The costs of the lab-grown diamonds tend to be lower than those of the naturally sourced ones. This is mainly because the natural diamonds require a lot of energy, manpower, and machinery assistance to get mined out from the depths of the earth’s surface.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds though being exactly similar. Are created inside laboratories under expert supervision, inside closed out containers. These factors simply add up to the price of the natural ones. And hence lab diamonds tend to be approximately 30 percent cheaper than the natural ones.

Environmental Sustainability

mined diamond

It should already be clear to one why lab diamonds are the more sustainable option. Between the two types of diamonds mentioned here. The practice of mining out the diamonds requires an immense amount of earth to be dug out. Just to get a 1.00-carat diamond crystal, and that is not at all a healthy practice. This affects the surrounding ecology and environment and harms the total bio-diversity if one may say so.

eco-friendly lab-grown diamond

On the other hand, lab diamonds are very environment friendly and sustainable approach. They are typically formed between two to four weeks of the period and are created inside laboratories.

Yes, they also require a lot of energy and advanced machinery to form. But, if compared with the above scenario, they are far efficient. There are two types of methods to grow a diamond inside a lab. One is called as HPHT or High-Pressure High-Temperature method. This method is the exact replication of the natural phenomenon. That is responsible for diamond formation but the thing is that the process just mimics the natural phenomenon. But does not in any form link to any natural entity or methods. The other is known as the CVD process, or the Chemical Vapor Deposition process, and it is more sustainable than the previous one.

CVD diamond

The main thing is lab-grown diamonds are not in any way related to nature and its sources. And hence when created, they in a way tend to lower the natural mining cause for diamonds and help the nature and environment. 

Their Properties

To the naked eye, both the lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds look the same. They can only be told apart by the expert gemologists who know certain properties and inclusions of both the types of diamonds.

mined or lab-created diamond flaws

Naturally grown diamonds are they are naturally formed have certain flaws and inclusions I, whereas the lab-grown diamond tends to be most of the time the more flawless one of the two as they are created in scientific methods and are scrutinized by the scientists who are the experts of this field. This generally makes these diamonds form without any errors which in case of natural diamonds are generally present.

man made diamond mined diamonds

Apart from the inclusion factor, all properties of both the types of diamonds are the same and equal. Both types of diamonds offer high clarity, durability, shine, and value. For more assistance; below we list certain properties of both the types of diamonds just so that one can be clearer about the idea of the two types.

Type Shape Clarity Cut Color Measurement

  • Lab-Grown Round VS2 Excellent G 6.71×6.74×4.15mm $3,770
  • Natural Round VS2 Excellent G 6.63× $7,710

Which Is The Superior Choice Lab Grown Diamonds or Real Diamonds?

which is the superior choice

Of course, If compared logically, one will find that the lab-grown diamonds are the more efficient and superior choice among the two. In the modern era, the expense is a big cause. The cost of the lab-grown diamonds simply is the biggest persuasion for the couples to opt form them diamonds. And just to think of it, if we get the same quality and look but at a lesser price which also fits the budget criteria why shouldn’t we go for such a deal. 

And apart from the cost factor, some couples tend to prefer lab-grown diamonds more than the natural ones just because they are not in any way related to any form of conflict and are considerate about the environmental causes.

All in all, lab-grown diamonds are a real deal for the jewelry business and they also are “real” and last forever as the natural ones do. We, humans, are creatures of reason. And when we get a clear understanding of certain things we always go for the better option. What matters is the priorities and importance of the diamond to the buyer or the customer. Good luck.