Are Black Diamonds A Real Diamond?

are black diamonds real

Diamonds are of various shapes and colors. Even black! Moreover, a large number of people nowadays prefer colored diamonds over the typical colorless and white ones. Simply because they look more stylish and bold, showcase a powerful appearance, and are even cost-efficient as well. Who in this 20th century won’t like to show off a dazzling colored diamond ring with a beautiful cut!

Here in this particular context, we will be discussing black colored diamonds. Until these recent times, black diamonds were pretty unpopular and unspoken of. But things have changed now as more people are considering these black beauties as well and various jewelers have started to promote their black diamond jewelry.

black diamond jewelry

These diamonds have a unique attractive beauty of their own and look distinct and high-end when worn as pieces of jewelry. They are usually paired up with 14k platinum and white gold settings. Which emphasizes their special color even more and sets them apart from traditional earrings and rings. The jewelers usually show them along with colorless diamonds. Just so that the buyers and customers can experience the amount of visual contrast they create due to their unique color. 

Like all other diamonds, black colored diamonds too, are of two basic types. One is the naturally formed ones with the later are synthetically produced and are termed as lab-grown. The lab-grown diamonds are usually treated in specific ways so that they can attain the black color but as for the natural one; they are generally much more popular and soughed after.

Let us now try and understand what the reasons for their special and unique color are.

The Black Diamonds

the black diamonds

The black-colored diamonds are believed to be of such color due to graphite contains in them. They usually consist of much more inclusions and blemishes than the normal colorless and fancy colored diamonds. And this is the very reason why the path of light either reflects these dark graphite inclusions along with the blockage of light throughout the stone.

According to the Mohs scale, diamonds are said to be the hardest elements forming in the earth (scoring at the top of the scale). Such is because of their unique crystallized structure and other physical properties. The black-colored diamonds are said to be even more durable than the standard colorless and colored counterparts. Because they are generally many small crystals bound together forming a single unit. This is also the reason for these black diamonds to be the preferred stones for other purposes. Before they came to their recognition.

Their level of intensity

colored diamond

In comparison to all the other types of diamonds, including both colored and colorless types; black diamond is only of a single intensity: termed as fancy black just like the rare fancy red and fancy white intensity grades. All other colored and even the normal colorless diamonds usually range from faint to deep or as per their numerical terminologies, from one to nine.

Similar to other diamonds, here also the 4 C’s being color, clarity, cut and carat; play a major role in determining their quality, valuation, and price. It is the same for the loose black stones as well as for the preset rings and other jewelry pieces. 

Though the black colored diamonds are not measured according to regular color grade ratings. One is advised to verify the degree of color saturation before they think of going for such a diamond piece. Also, it is recommended to check the stone with the naked eye for any obvious inclusions or flaw markings that might be present in them.

14k white gold black diamond jewelry

As the color black is very bold and powerful, one should always prefer the whiter metals for the setting of these stones. The best recommended are platinum and 14k white gold.

The rarity and price of black diamonds

the rarity and price of black diamonds

The naturally formed black diamonds are far rarer and more unique than the ones that are artificially formed. Hence, one should always check with the jeweler about the birth origin of their particular black diamonds as for a normal person. It is very difficult to differentiate the one from the other. The reputable companies and retailers are mostly recommended. As they are trusted to provide the buyers with the best quality diamonds along with many affordable pricings. It is also required for one to know that black colored diamonds are cheaper in comparison to other rare colored diamonds. And hence should discuss and evaluate their prices accordingly with the retailers. 

There are generally three basic setting styles for the black diamonds in the market. It is recommended to one to choose the shape and setting style according to one’s personality and fashion sense.

  • The Side Stone setting
the side stone setting black diamond ring

In this setting style, the black diamond is usually paired with two colorless stones on both of its sides. So that the centerpiece gets highlighted.

  • The Halo Setting
the halo setting black diamond ring

The black diamond is surrounded by small colorless diamonds in this particular style. This is the most preferred engagement ring style for black colored diamonds.

  • The Solitaire Setting
the solitaire setting black diamond ring

The diamond is highly emphasized and highlighted with this style of setting. Platinum or white gold is the best-recommended metal for this particular style.

There are also other setting styles out there in the market. But usually all the other are done by combining them with the whiter metals as the setting metal. The metals that are the best go-to and preferable with the black diamonds are platinum, 14k white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.

Are Black Diamonds Real?

are black diamond real

People often think that it is not possible for diamonds to be black. And hence when they come to know about such a diamond or see them; they tend to believe that these diamonds are not real or are potentially scam products. But the truth is, black diamonds are equivalent to any other diamond. Which is there and they grow just like the normal colorless and colored diamonds under the earth’s surface or in the diamond laboratories. They also possess the same physical and chemical qualities and characteristics. They are “real”. The only potential difference between them and that of the other diamonds is the number of inclusions present in the diamonds.

To sum up, black diamonds are a great option for diamond jewelry and diamond rings. They showcase distinct energy and passion different from the general alternatives. And hence are often described as the underdogs of conventional diamonds and diamond jewelry ideas. One may think that they are something of low value because of their cheaper pricings. But it is so only because of their low demands and nothing more.

Lastly, we would always suggest that it is best for the buyers that they choose only that diamond and color. Which they think are the best fit according to their requirement and budget; but if it is a diamond that is black, they should not worry and are good to go.