Why Lab-Created Diamonds Called Eco-Friendly?

why-lab-created diamonds called eco-friendly

The lab-grown diamonds are created in labs where the diamonds are created by following the same process, just like the natural diamonds are created in the mantle beneath the Earth’s crust. Lab-created diamonds are also known as synthetic diamonds, man-made diamonds, etc.

Are Lab-Created Diamonds Called Eco-Friendly Diamonds?


Though the lab-grown diamonds and the natural diamonds have the same properties physically, chemically, and optically since they cannot be distinguished. The diamond industry says that the lab-created diamonds called eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Lab-grown diamonds are not just a conflict-free but also affordable than natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are 20% to 30% less expensive than the natural diamonds. But, if you are considering lab-grown diamonds then you will be getting much better options with an affordable price range whereas, natural diamonds seem you be expensive and only limited choices will be available. 

Lab-Created Diamonds Called Eco-Friendly

The lab-grown diamonds can also be referred to as economical lab diamonds as the lab-grown diamonds are identical to the traditional natural diamonds and they are also environmental-friendly. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Socially Responsible?


The lab-grown diamonds are not socially responsible as they are created in a controlled environment. Whereas, natural diamonds are socially responsible because it involves mining. The lab-grown diamonds are created in labs and they are not mined from the earth, so the environment doesn’t get any destructive impact. 

Advantages Of Eco-Friendly Diamonds


Thankfully, the advanced technology has given us to make a choice where we can either damage or assist our environment. As the advanced technologies are giving us the way to lead us into a better lifestyle in the future. 

We know that creating a product that will cause 0% harm to our environment is a difficult task. But we can find some alternatives which will help the environment as well as, for our better future. The lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly and the alternative solution as they are not mined. 

Does Lab-Grown Diamonds Impact on The Environment?


We can say that lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly and sustainable. As the lab-grown diamonds are identical to the natural diamonds according to quality and clarity. They also offer us the betterment of our environment and the future. 

You might be confused, so we are going to clear out all your confusion by discussing the natural diamonds and the lab-grown diamonds. 

How are Lab-Grown & Natural Diamonds are Grown?

Lab-Grown Diamonds:  

Well, lab-grown diamonds are human-made creations. They are grown by the utilized carbon seeds from pre-existing diamonds and created under controlled conditions in labs. To create the lab-grown diamonds the natural process of formation is duplicated. Once the whole process finishes, we get the same structure and the quality which grows naturally beneath the earth. 

Natural Diamonds:         

The method of producing natural diamonds needs the explosions, heavy machines, and hydraulic equipment to perform the practice of harsh methods deep inside the earth to extract the natural diamonds to the surface. 

1. Carbon Emissions


There is a difference in carbon emissions on the natural diamonds and the lab-grown diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds release only 6 pounds of carbon, which is 4.8% of the natural diamond. The lab-grown diamonds don’t produce any other gaseous emissions. So, in the term, the creation of the lab-grown includes a small amount or no other gaseous emissions. 

Natural Diamonds:

In every single carat of natural diamonds, it produces more than 125 pounds of carbon. They also produce more than 30 pounds of Sulphur oxide. The ultimate result is, on a single carat of natural diamond causes 1.5 billion air emissions, which is higher than the lab-grown. 

2. Usage of Water & Energy


This is also the biggest key point where we can differ lab-grown diamonds with natural diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds consumes only 18 gallons of water and 250 million usages of energy per carat. 

Natural Diamonds:

In natural diamonds, each carat of diamond consumes more than 126 gallons of water and 538.5 million of energy. 

3. Waste Generated & Land Interference


Lab-Grown Diamonds:

For every carat of lab-grown diamonds damages only 0.07 square feet of land and only 1 pound of mineral waste is created. The process of creating lab-grown diamonds has a negligible impact on the environment. 

Natural Diamonds:

Howeverfor each carat of natural diamond damages, 100 square feet of land and 5798 pounds of mineral waste are created. This process of mining natural diamonds demolishes the biodiversity balances and renders the land unusable. 

4. Disasters & Incidents


Lab-Grown Diamonds:

To date, we have no records of incidents or disasters that have been occurred for the lab-grown diamonds. 

Natural Diamonds:

Whereas, the natural diamonds causes 4.5 average of environmental incidents every year. This impacts on all the living beings. 

5. Human Impact


Lab-Grown Diamonds:

The results of the human impact of the lab-grown diamonds are zero. 

Natural Diamonds:

The mining of natural diamonds has been known as a dangerous profession. The industry has been always known for child labor, inhumane treatment of workers, and also for the human rights violation. The workers in the mines have been seen to have a huge risk of hearing loss, cancer, and other health issues as a result of their profession. 

The ultimate result is the lab-grown diamonds are healthier, smarter, and safer for the workers as well as for the environment. Lab-grown diamonds have many advantages like less environmental impact, gives you better quality and quality than the natural diamonds and the best part of the lab-grown diamonds is affordable and cheaper.