Why Engagement Shoot

Know your photographer

10 reasons why engagement Photo-Shoot is required.

Why Engagement Shoot

Your wedding day is a very special day. You will remember it all the days of your remaining life. It one of the few days that will be documented and shown to your kids at some point. Because the activities and glamour of the day are worth documenting, they are worth being documented properly. There is no better way to prepare for the documentation than to have an engagement photoshoot. During this shoot, you get to experiment with your photographer. The photographer knows what to expect and gives you his or her work ethics and requirements. This ensures that the wedding day photos are not but breathtaking. Here are 10 reasons for an engagement photoshoot.

1. Know your photographer

Know your photographer

It is important that on your wedding day; you see familiar faces around you. If you are surrounded by strange faces, you might panic and this will be captured in the photos forever. Once you get to know your photographer, you warm up to him or her and this makes it easier for you to pose for the pictures with a smile. You also get to know how the photographer likes people to position themselves during a shoot.

2. Let your photographer know you

There needs to be good chemistry between the couple and the photographer. The photographs will be better if or she knows what the couples like and what they dislike. By interacting with the couple, the photographer will know what to add during the wedding to make the photos look more glamorous.

3. Reconnect from the stress of planning the wedding

wedding planning stress

The wedding process can be tedious at times. Going to different places to buy things. Meeting different people to ensure everything runs smoothly can be exhausting. During this time, the couple can grow apart. Having a photoshoot is the best idea in bringing them closer again. They momentarily forget what is yet to be done, what is not working and have a day for themselves. This also helps ensure that during the wedding, there is synergy during the shoot and as such less stress among the couple.

4. Learn to ignore the camera

Learn to ignore the camera

Taking photos is a complete art. There are some people who are natural at it. Many others, however, need to practice. There is a tendency of people to stare at the camera when photos are being taken.  This is one way of taking brilliant photos, but it is not the only way. Many other styles involving people looking away from the camera. Such photos not only are they unique but also classy.

5. Opportunity for Children and animals

During the wedding, time to include children and animals is normally not there. However, during the engagement shoot, there is ample time to be together with pets and children. Children and pets bring a different kind of fun and this can be a great chance for the couple to relax and have fun.

6. Do your hair/make up

Do your hair make up

There is no better time to practice for the wedding than during the engagement photoshoot. To ensure that what you want for the wedding is what you get, it is only wise to have a mock of everything so you can correct where mistakes come in. one can apply makeup or do the hair to ensure it is just as you want it. This will even make it easy to prepare during the wedding day.

7. Understand the act of posing

Understand the act of posing

Taking photos is not an easy task. People are used to taking selfies every day and they confuse their perfect selfies for a perfect shoot.  For the wedding, the photos will be full and you will not be in control of the camera. As a result, you need to get the act of posing correctly. An engagement shoot is the best platform to practice on poses to use during the wedding.

8. Improve wedding day imagery

Improve wedding day imagery

All the above steps have been taken largely to perfect the imagery for the main event. The engagement photo shoot is a rehearsal for the wedding day. BY applying the makeup that will be used during the wedding, it helps the photographer adjust the settings of the camera to accommodate the different colors used in makeup and on clothes. Having the couple and the photographer familiarize, the couple and the photographer develop confidence important in the quality of imagery produced.

9. The photos can prove crucial in preparation

The photos can prove crucial in preparation

We can use the photos taken in the day guest book. We can also use them to wrap gifts. The photos being recent ones can also be used to create a photo story presentation for the couple during the wedding. If the couple intends to have a website for their wedding, these photos can be of great importance. The images of children and pets involved can make the website even better.

10. Free engagement shoot

Free engagement shoot

Photographers of worth will always offer a free engagement shoot. It is thus wise to take advantage of this shoot and come up with brilliant photos. The couple will enjoy this time together. The photographer will also adequately prepare for the big day. Since the service is free, couples should run for the idea. When you see the quality of images, the couple develops the peace of mind which goes a long way to make the wedding day a success.