What Are Heart And Arrows Referring To In A Diamond?


Diamond cutting is a very precise and artistic skill and is generally associated with the liberal arts category. In the 1980s, the Japanese jewelers were the ones who were able to discover that diamonds possess a kaleidoscopic effect to themselves. When they are view in a certain way with the help of special viewing gadgets. But, this was not what we now know as the Heart and Arrows Diamond patterns to be.

The Japanese started to refine their techniques and just like that; a bit by bit, the polishing techniques gained their popularity among other countries of the world as well.

Later on, during the 1990s, these cutting styles arrived in the United States, and through thorough study, patience, and gradual development; the H&A patternings and the techniques to create them were establish and came to popularity.

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds


Heart and Arrows are a type of diamond which are cut precisely and is round in shape. They have a specific symmetry and angle to themselves and showcase a pattern of hearts and arrows. When viewing through advanced diamond viewing tools. When viewed and examined with the tool, the arrow patterns are visible from the top face of the diamond. And the heart patterns are visible from when the diamond is viewed from its bottom face, i.e. when it is viewed upside down.

These patterns are visible only when the diamond stone is view separately. What we mean by this is that we cannot see the patterns once the stone has been set in a ring.

It is recommend that one should not always judge these diamonds as something of the ideal cut quality. Some diamonds may have imperfect symmetry but as they have excellent cut grades they will showcase dazzling beauty and sparkle. There are different kinds of variations of hearts and arrows diamond present in the market. Hence if one wants to buy a perfect hearts and arrows diamond. He or she should look for such a diamond consisting of a 57 facet round cut.

How Are The Heart and Arrows Diamond Patterns Viewed?


The H&A patterns are view with the help of certain viewing gadgets, also known as the H&A Scope. These viewers use colored filter papers which filter the light entering the diamond. The resultant image generally tends to be color, accordingly to the color of the filter paper used in the viewer.

Pricings of an Ideal Cut Heart and Arrows Diamond


The pricing of a diamond depends on various features. In this particular case, the pricing depends on the pattern of hearts and arrows as well as the cut quality price. Hence, such a diamond that exhibits both the pattern and the cut quality would be something of very premium quality. And hence an expensive and premium-priced stone.

The pricings also depends accordingly to the brand names and companies associated with the diamond. For example, James Allen’s True Hearts ™ and Blue Nile’s Astor Ideal diamond. Would cost one approximately about 15 to 30 percent. More than any excellent cut diamond from any average brand or company. The cost would go even higher if one opts to buy a premium diamond from Brian Gavin or Whiteflash. Approximately about 35 percent than the average excellent round cut diamonds. That is exactly why it is suggested that the buyer or customer must compare different companies. And their pricing before they go for a purchase of an ideal cut diamond. And it would be a foolish approach to pay thousands of dollars more for a diamond of same or similar quality.

Are All “Excellent” Cut Graded Diamonds Hearts And Arrows?


Regarding the above question, the answer would be No. There are different varieties of diamonds available which may have and “Ideal” (AGS) or “Excellent” (GIA) grade ratings. But just having such a rating does not automatically pass any diamond to be a Hearts and Arrow diamond. An H&A patterning is possible by polishing each facet of the diamond to certain angles and proportions. Which is done under extreme care and jurisdiction. Such precision and quality levels up way more than what a typical diamond with the above ratings tends to showcase.

Nowadays, the term “Hearts and Arrows” is used by many jewelers. Just to market and popularize their products, i.e. the diamonds. Therefore, it is always suggested that one must ask for proofs (Idealscope, ASET, and H&A images) from the jewelers or the jewelry companies. Whenever they go for purchasing an H&A diamond. If such is not supplies to the customer, one can be pretty sure. That the particular company is just using marketing ploys to sell their diamonds to the uneducated buyers and customers.

Should One Go For A Hearts And Arrows Diamond?

This is a question of preference. If one does want a premium diamond but not exactly a Hearts and Arrows one. They are free to look for other variations of premium diamonds which are available in the market as well. This will give them a chance to get acknowledge about all the different types of premium diamonds present out there.

But, if one particularly wants to purchase a Hearts and Arrows Diamond. It is highly recommend that they might go for it. These beautifully patterned and cut diamonds are one of a kind and showcase excellent performance and quality. These diamonds are definitely worth what they claim to be.

Various Qualities of Hearts and Arrows Diamonds.


Though they claim to be Hearts and Arrows diamonds, there are differences between these diamonds as well. Which is the difference in the quality of their cuts. There are Hearts and Arrows diamonds of both higher and lower quality.

If one wants the top-notch quality Hearts and Arrows diamond. Then it is best suggestion that they should undergo a proper consultation. Regarding the purchase with a diamond expert as for the normal masses. It is just not possible to look for the best as they do not have such knowledge or expertise like the pros.

General Overview

If we sum up all the things mentioned above, we can simply say that the Hearts and Arrows is a specific pattern. That is done on a diamond with the help of precise and expert cutting techniques. It is a work of art and hence is listed among the premium of the diamonds that are present in the market.

It would be truly a remarkable decision if one thinks of purchasing a Heart and Arrows diamond with the ideal cut quality. As such a diamond will stand apart from the rest. But, as unique as they are, so would be their cost.

So, one must always consider his or her budget before opting for such a high level and quality diamond. As there is also an endless number of other premium options and alternatives to these diamonds. Which might just be more cost-efficient and budget.