Tips To Accessorize Like A Celebrity


Accessorize Like a Celebrity

Celebrities make everything look fashionable and trendy. We want to look equally as fabulous but on a budget. All the glitz and the glamor without necessarily breaking the bank. The matching shoes and purses, the shiny watches and earrings, the necklaces and brooches, the matching neckties and pocket squares, also not forgetting the gigantic diamonds on the rings they wear on their fingers. We would like to have it all and look just as glamorous as celebrity does on when they light up our TV screens. Here are a few tips and tricks to accessorize like a celebrity.

Statement Belts


A nice loose fitting dress can be made to fit just perfect when a belt is added to it. It makes the look stand out. You can mix a printed outfit with a textured belt, a skinny belt on a dress or skirt to give it that ultra-feminine touch. A leather belt with a maxi dress to make it look super chic. Have a boyfriend shirt in your closet? Double wrap a slim belt around it or use a bold chunky one and look super cool. Pair your favorite pair of jeans.


necklaces-accessorize like a celebrity

It could be a huge statement piece that speaks boldly when your hair is tied up in a bun or layers and layers of chains hanging around your neck. For the layering style, pick out a long slim piece, to begin with, then add a shorter one on top of it with a bold pendant that accentuates your look or skin. This will have that celebrity glam effect you are looking to achieve.


handbags-accessorize like a celebrity

Handbags complete the look. When matched with shoes and maybe even a belt, they make an outfit stand out. Some are boldly looking while some are brightly colored for those who prefer that pop. They have this ability to make one look chic and elegant. If you are going for a bohemian look, those are available too. From tote bags that can carry a lot to bucket bags that have a drawstring at the top making life a little easier Best part about handbags is, they can switch from daytime to night-time with little fuss. These bags also come in all shapes and sizes to match your individual style.



A clutch bag is a statement piece. Unlike before when clutches were mostly prim and proper, all square or rectangular shaped, and had mainly dull shades of color to blend with work outfits, nowadays, clutch bags come in all shapes and sizes and even bedazzled with sparkly pieces. They can be round, square, oval, flowery, box-like or even shaped like a bird for those with a whimsical side to them. They too come in all shapes and sizes.


scarves-accessorize like a celebrity

This is a good accessory for both men and women. They sometimes help celebrities hide from the paparazzi who can be a nuisance at times. A scarf adds something unique to your look. It could be a huge, woolen one for the cold winter days, or something silk and soft to add a touch of class to your whole office getup. For some people, scarves not only work on their necks and shoulders but their hair too as a head wrap. Ranging from scarves made of smooth silk to infinity scarves that make you feel warm and cozy. Scarves are fun and flirty and jazz up a look in an instant. Tie them in a knot, let them hang loosely on your neck, the options are numerous.


Aside from a good tie and maybe even a pocket square when it comes to a fancy occasion, use some cufflinks to complete the look. They could be engraved with your initials just to make them look even fancier. Cuff links are one of the best accessories to a solid look; same colored blazer and pants, to make the cufflinks pop as a statement piece that won’t go unnoticed. They make the look clean and neat.



Sunglasses always do the trick when it comes to making you look and feel really cool. Designer glasses are an added advantage where one can afford without breaking the bank. However, nowadays, knock-offs come in quite similar shapes and size to the coveted designer ones. Get yourself a pair to shield you from the sun’s glare.  You can wear them over your hair just to look cool. They have fancy shapes too to fit your face; aviator, cat-eye, you name it.



Wide-brimmed hats seem to work for any and all occasions. Have a date at the beach? Be sure to have one to protect yourself from sunburns. Have a derby to go to, wear a fancy hat that suits the occasion. Are you into the western vibe, country hats are the right choice for you? Hats can be worn anywhere and anytime and make an outfit look a little bit daring. If you can pull off wearing a hat, you are quite the trendy human being. The best part, this is an awesome accessory for both men and women.



The best accessory to any outfit is a little sparkle. This puts the glamor in the entire look and makes it look classy. Some celebrities can make an engagement ring or a diamond-studded wedding band look like the best and only accessory they have on them. Diamonds work magic on an outfit. They come in all shapes and sizes and however small or gigantic always make a lady feel extra special. The emerald cut is one favorite as it stands out on its own. Diamonds will always make a girl feel special and fabulous.

If you want to achieve a bedazzling look, accessorize like a celebrity with a diamond from making you feel and look like a million bucks.