Tips For Your Wedding Budget To Help You Save Tons Of Money


Your wedding might be the first time. You will ever have to endure the pressures of planning a big event and developing a budget for it. Many people planning in a similar manner. Foremost, you will think about the type of wedding you want.

Next, you will want to think about how much you will be comfortable spending. And at this point, you will find that it is quite difficult to match up the two concepts. It is almost impossible to know how much your dream wedding will cost. Until you get to the fundamentals of planning. Where you find that the extra costs can triple leading to an unexpected higher wedding budget. How does one then figure out? What budget to stick to in the first place. And how will they do it in a way that is not going to give them sticker shock later on?

Setting up the wedding budget

Have the budget talk. A great number of couples roughly 52% normally foot the entire bill themselves. Meaning the other 48% usually ask for help mostly from their parents. Have a sit down with both sets of parents the groom with his. And the wife with hers and ask them if they would like to assist. Add up your parents’ contribution and yours and that will make up your total wedding budget Tips.

Avoid including credit card limits on the total amount to keep debt at bay. With a figure in mind, your priorities should be next in line; the food, the venue, the decorations, and other things might get you. When it comes to the budget which is why you will want to find ways to save in such areas. Take every cost into consideration.

A lot of people can go over their budget by up to 30% at the very least as they did not account for everything from the get-go. Include hidden costs such as postage for the invites. Taxes in the event that you are planning a destination wedding, backup plans for the weather changing, dress alterations just to mention a few.

Tips For Wedding Budget Saving

Consider doing digital invites


Handcrafted invites might be appealing to the eye, but they tend to fall on the high side when it comes to pricing. You could get a graphic artist to develop a digital design which you could print at home slashing your costs in half, but still achieving a great look in the process.

Online RSVPs


This could be done by the guests on an app or your wedding website instead of on reply cards. You will save immensely on postage and paper and chances of getting a response from most of your guests will be higher. Ensure your home address or phone number is included for elderly guests who might not be as tech-savvy.

Skip an officiant


Switch your custom officiant for a friend who is ordained to marry you. You will get to have a more personalized ceremony and you will save massively making it a win-win situation.

Standing ceremonies will save you lots of money


Save on seating rentals if you will marry outdoors by considering a standing ceremony. Bring some seats, however, for guests who may not keep on their feet and elderly guests. Also, remember to keep it short and sweet.

Be innovative with your wedding dress


In the event that it is not your biggest priority, consider buying a white gown for the wedding dress off-the-rack or ordering a white bridesmaid dress. You could get it tailored to fit perfectly for part of what it would cost to get a designer gown.

Pick a wedding date or time that is less popular

Get married on an unconventional day or date of the week such as Friday the 13th, holidays or Friday evenings considering such days rarely get booked for venues. Be open to unconventional hours.

Host a morning wedding


This could save you lots of money on catering by involving a breakfast buffet with morning favorites such as a pancake wedding cake, mimosas, waffle bar, and an omelet station.

Candles over flowers


Tall rented candelabras will beautifully light up the room as opposed to floral centerpieces not to mention they will do so at a substantially lower cost.

Hire a student


For the bridal party makeup, ask for a student recommendation from reputable cosmetology school. There’s a good chance she will go the extra mile in an effort to establish a client base for a fraction of what a professional would charge you. Ensure you do a trial first to see if you like her work.

Stick to your budget


Be clear about it and stick to the budget you’re working with. If the vendors know what you can spend up front there is little chance that they will overcharge you or pad costs. They will also present you with alternatives that you can afford meaning you will not have to worry about falling for ideas which are not within your price range.

Take advantage of sales


Lots of linen companies have huge linen sales a few times a year as they take the opportunity to replenish their stock. When the price is right buy what you require and then resell your napkins and tablecloths after the wedding.

Keep the tables simple


Chargers will not be needed in dressing up your reception tables. An elegant menu and napkins will do the trick in making the place setting look pretty and your guests will not even notice they are gone.

When it comes to the wedding jewelry, opt for artificial jewelry or silver as opposed to gold, which will help you save lots of money that can be allocated to other areas of the budget. Shop for these alternatives at websites such as where you will be able to get lots of varieties for wedding rings and engagement rings for both men and women.