The Perfect Wedding Diet Plans

The Perfect Wedding Diet Plans

9 Perfect wedding diet plans tips Before Getting Married

Getting engaged does not mean that it is necessary for you to lose weight. You can still get hitched in the body size you seem fit. However, sometimes you may drop a few pounds before the big day. You may do it wrong. Here are a few pointers on the perfect wedding diet plans that will help you achieve your target weight for your wedding day.

1.  Stay away from detox diets

Stay away from detox diets

Wedding diet plans that measure less than 800 calories a day can often lead to unhealthy eating habits. You may think of these plans as only temporary because anyway “you’ll stop after the wedding” but the effects of harmful diet plans extend way after the honeymoon. Detox diets keep you from eating what your body requires making you vulnerable to infection and organ damage.

2. Design your own diet plan

Design your own diet plan

It is always easier to mimic what other brides have done before their wedding day to get their ideal weight. Such diet plans seem to have worked for them but they may not for you. You must curate your own Perfect wedding diet plan which includes stuff that you would enjoy doing. Is it an exercise plan or having a meal tracking app on your phone? Your plan should have reasonable steps that you can implement right away as you are on course to achieve your goals. In addition, this plan should not be temporary as you may think. It should be a plan that you can follow even after the wedding to maintain that weight.

3. Be realistic

Be realistic

There is nothing as derailing in your weight loss journey as setting unrealistic goals. If a wedding diet plan seems impossible, then it is likely that it is exactly that. Sometimes, unrealistic goals cause weight gain rather than weight loss. You need to begin by setting quantifiable goals for instance meal planning. You can also try a workout schedule. Whatever it is you decide on, it must be quantifiable, realistic and unattainable. The problem with unrealistic weight loss goals is that they overburden you and when you eventually do not attain them, you end up feeling depressed. Quantifiable means putting a number on what it is you want to include in your diet plan e.g. one kickboxing class a week.

4Do not cut food groups

Do not cut food groups

Trying to eliminate foods from your wedding diet plan makes you feel you cannot fully attain what you want. Healthy eating does not always imply what you cannot do but what you can do. Instead of focusing on what you have to cut down on, focus on positive foods that you need to add. A positive mindset will help you reach sane. If you keep thinking you can’t take gluten or dairy or sugar or carbs, you will eventually do not keep up with what you can’t do and begin feeling overwhelmed.

5. Your diet plan must have veggies

Your diet plan must have veggies

Love them or hate, the perfect wedding diet plans must have veggies. You need to swap out your junks for healthier choices like vegetables. Start snacking on pre-cut veggies and including them in your omelets and sandwiches. You find that you will lose extra weight from the salty junk foods.

6. Keep up your hydration

You need to keep hydrating your body. When you find that you are having a challenge drinking more water, why don’t you take fruits that contain lots of it? For example watermelons. Your wedding diet plans must include at least eight to ten cups of water per day. Water is a necessity for your body.

7. Keep on snacking

Keep on snacking

Losing weight is not about avoiding food. Having small portions of meals several times a day is a more effective way to lose weight. Successful weight loss is through eating every three to four hours. Keep on snacking and avoid skipping meals or eating a meal when you are completely famished. During the day, snack on protein and fiber foods. These are the healthiest choices of snacks. We should also make them real and whole foods. For example peanuts, almonds and any other unprocessed snack.

8. Be prepared to multitask

Be prepared to multitask

As you prepare your wedding diet plans, factor because they will involve you in a lot of multitasking. There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. Sometimes, you might get caught up in the planning that you forget to take care of you. If you don’t take care of your health, then planning for the wedding will be pointless as you be ill during the wedding day. You need to plan what needs to be done around a schedule so you relieve any stress that comes with the planning. Whatever you do, make sure you are maintaining the optimum levels of nutrition. You need to be at your best at your wedding.

9. Stay accountable and not competitive

Stay accountable and not competitive

When you don’t tell someone else your intentions to follow a wedding diet plan, then it becomes difficult to stay on track. This is because there will be no one to keep you on the check-in case you veer off your plan. It is harder to stick to something if there is nobody to keep you accountable.

You should also refrain from engaging in a weight loss competition either with other brides, friends or people you believe have the perfect body weight. Stay on your track and course. Engaging in competition draws your attention from healthy choices to unhealthy choices that can be catastrophic.

Your wedding diet plans are yours to follow and choose as you deem fit. No one should tell you otherwise or try to deter you.

Wedding diet plans are effective in helping you get the perfect body size for your wedding. Follow through with your plans with diligence and discipline. When your wedding day finally arrives, pat yourself on the back for a job well done. If you have done your ultimate best, be proud of the results.