The Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds

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As we all know, nothing exists in front of a diamond. Every diamond lover and every jeweler over the worldwide. Are fascinate to the lab-grown diamonds. In our previous article, we have said that the lab-grown diamonds are truly chemically identical to the Earth-mined diamonds. 

The lab-grown diamonds are now manufacture in labs. With the latest technologies under specific conditions. Which duplicates the growing process of the natural diamonds. Today, we will discuss the benefits of lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds. 

What Are the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

what are the benefits of lab-grown diamonds

These reasons are beneficial and valid that the lab-grown diamonds are gaining more popularity over the natural diamonds. So, today in this article we are going to discuss, the benefits of the lab-grown diamonds. 

1: Predominant Purity & Quality

predominant purity quality

We have already discussed in our article before the lab-grown diamonds are mostly Type IIa diamonds. And when we want the quality and the purity, the lab-grown diamonds are the purest form than the natural diamonds because the natural diamonds are mostly Type Ia diamonds. Whereas, you can find only 2% of Type IIa in natural diamonds.

The purest form of a diamonds exhibits the brighter, sparkling, and the whiter like the natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds doesn’t have any impurities like the natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamonds are form under the controlled process. Which makes the purest form than natural diamonds. 

2: Affordable Deal Available In Various Colors Diamonds

affordable deal available in various colors diamonds

Many diamond lovers are fond of colorful diamonds. It gets difficult for some to afford because of their rarity and value. Now, everyone can afford as the lab-grown diamonds are available in various colors with affordable deals also with the purity. 

Thus, if you consider purchasing the lab-grown diamonds over the natural diamonds, you be able to afford better quality and larger diamonds. The good news is that the lab-grown diamonds are 25%-30% less expensive than the natural diamonds. 

3: Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

sustainable eco friendly

As we know, that the natural diamonds are mined from the diamond mines. Where we dig the largest holes inside the Earth which losses the sustainability of the earth. But in the lab-grown diamonds, the sustainability of the earth is stabled. Whereas, the lab-grown diamonds are getting more sustainable the natural diamonds.

The process of growing lab-grown diamonds is more eco-friendly because this process of growth doesn’t hurt the living things. For example, if in the upcoming years if a single diamond mine is dug in India. The whole process will lead to the destruction of the Bengal Tiger forever along it will be required to cut 492,000 trees. 

4: Origin of Every Diamond Must Be Known 

origin of every diamond must be known

In every piece of diamond jewelry, the origin of every diamond is not possible to determine. In the last few centuries, six billion carats of diamonds were mined from the earth. Before the Kimberly Process was established in the year 2003. 

5: Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Real Diamonds

lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds

Like the natural diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds are also real diamonds. As the only difference between them is its origin. Where the lab-grown diamond has the same physically, chemically, and optically process which replicates the process of forming the natural diamonds. The origin of the lab-grown diamonds is inside the lab and the natural diamonds on the mantle inside the earth’s crust. 

6: Cruelty-Free 

cruelty free diamond

The natural diamonds are also known as the “blood diamonds”. As the natural diamond has a dark background. The mined diamonds may have civil disturbance or may have sold to fund armed conflicts. The conflicts source of regions might have a history of human rights, child labor, or poor working conditions. Whereas, the lab-grown diamonds gives a cruelty-free history and guarantee.

7: Positivity


When you choose the lab-grown diamonds you are exactly investing in the future of humanity by supporting the development of cutting-edge technology and the research. 

Lab-grown diamonds are the best choice if considered. It is our goal to share our values of the environment and to all living beings. Our job is to educate people and let them know the difference between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds and the benefits of lab-grown diamonds.