Things Guys Will Never Tell Their Girlfriends


8 secrets things guys will never tell their girlfriend

It is without a doubt that girls aren’t the only one with secrets to hide. In fact, men to have quite a few secrets that they haven’t let their girls in on yet. I dug up a few that men confessed to having successfully kept, well, until this point as you are reading it.

So here you go, some things. Not all though secrets things that guys will never tell their girlfriend.

  1. Men Don’t Understand Women’s Fashion

Let me be precise here for a moment; that pink lipstick women love so much, or we could pass those shorts that go to their waist and off as mom jeans, are annoying and unattractive.

I mean, who wants to walk around with a lipstick stain on his face (unless it was from Emma Watson)? And last I checked ladies, you aren’t all Emma Watson.

  1. Women Are Kind Of Disgusting

In the pillows, kitchen, bathroom sink and even the couch. And even our shirts, that hair, it’s all over the place falling off in clumps. It turns into a nasty hairball clogging the drain that basically, the guy in the relationship is expected to unclog every month or two.

It’s disgusting, period.

  1. Being Called Whipped Is Male Kryptonite

When we purchase for your girl an engagement ring from, yes, we are serious that we want to go to the next level. However, no guy wants to be told he’s whipped, don’t rub it in, it’s the most anti-masculine thing you can tell a man.

So ladies, even if he is whipped, don’t tell him that he is. It’ll affect him deep down in a way no woman could ever understand.

  1. They Love Girls’ Night – Secrets

Don’t expect dudes to be upset when you claim you’ll be gone all night. The instant moment the sentence “its girls’ night out” is uttered, every guy immediately begins planning his alone time.

  1. Being Drunk Isn’t Attractive

Despite most girls’ beliefs, picking up a guy while drunk is not the way. While most girls go out to the bar to flirt, it becomes a major turn off. When the guy discovers that the girl is belligerent.

  1. They Love What Women Hate

If your boyfriend supports your feminist ideas and beliefs, chances are he’s lying to you. Most guys undoubtedly love female jokes that are demeaning, “guy” movies and anything produced, acted or voiced over by Seth MacFarlane. Therefore, if you hate it, he’s probably obsessed with it, Family Guy episodes anyone?

  1. They Are Overly Jealous

Yep, darn right, men just like lions and alpha wolves, they are territorial and for instance, if another male so much as little as glances at another man’s girlfriend, a protective stance follows oddly. He’ll either pull her closer and shoot an ownership look or to an extent prepare himself for a fight because men are more jealous.

  1. They Will Always Look At Other Women

Let me be clear, this isn’t the same as saying that all men are cheaters. It means men can’t stop themselves from looking. These looks don’t always mean anything. And the girl they are with is who they’ll think about at night, and probably Emma Watson. But there’s no harm done there, is it?