Reasons For Having an Engagement Shoot

Chance for your photographer to get to know you

Top 10 reasons to have an engagement shoot


There is an intense moment that comes with planning for a wedding. Planning and all the drama may take a toll on you. To ease this, an engagement shoot is a way to appreciate the two of you. Using a professional photographer to capture the engagement once we have made it official is very recommendable. This article seeks to explain 10 reasons to have an engagement shoot.

1. Photos to use for pre-wedding


There are several photos that will be needed for the wedding. This may be for the wedding cards or the call for pre-wedding activities. It is essential to have your photos on these cards to clearly show who is a wedding. Engagement photos are the best to use since the two of you have seen them liked them and agreed to their use.

2. Best practice run for the wedding


A wedding day is a big day for the bride and the groom. It brings with it a lot of anxiety and worry which can be tamed during the photo shoot. It is a chance for the couple to familiarize themselves with the mood of a wedding to prepare psychologically for the great day. Also, there are a lot of photographers during the big day which can be made easier having had a shoot prior to the wedding.

3. Enable you to see professional photos of yourselves before the big day


People are different and while some are confident of how they look in photos, others have to see the photos to judge how they look. An engagement shoot will ensure that you are comfortable with how you look in the photos which may guide you towards using some of these pictures for your wedding cards, website or guest books. Once you see your engagement images, you get to have confidence in yourselves and the photographer.

4. Introduces you to your wedding photographer

introduces-you-to-your-wedding-photographerIt is very important to have a close rapport with the photographer given that they shall spend hours with you during the big day. This is the time to get to know the photographer and how they work. It provides an opportunity for you to appreciate the style of shooting and a chance to ask, pinpoint and positively critic photos the photos you would like for your shoot. Depending on your preferences, you may desire a friendly photographer who is sociable and does a good shoot or a professional photographer is there to give results. It kills any form of awkwardness that may develop because of posing for the shoot before the wedding day.

5. The chance for your photographer to get to know you


It is equally essential for the photographer to know the couple he or she shall deal with during the shoot and the big day. This is essential since the photographer gets to learn about your likes and dislikes, your preferences and your attitudes. It trains them to work with many people in the profession and the prior engagement with you eases the tension.

6. The training you to be comfortable in front of a camera


A great number of people are camera shy. They always run away from photos and are rarely spotted in them. This is the chance to let go of the fear for the sake of your loved one and for the big day. The shoot will ease your worry and the feel of awkwardness in front of a camera making you confident and comfortable during the shoot all the way to the big day. A good photographer should be able to note this and help you relax and forget about all that self-consciousness. They should help you to naturally get comfortable with your look.

7. Provides you with a reconnection

The day is a chance to reconnect and get to appreciate and love your partner. While we will focus the wedding photos on you and your families, these engagement images will be all about the two of you. The shoot grabs the emotion between the two of which might not be captured in the wedding photos thus boosting the relationship. Also, the shoot at a specific location helps you to reconnect with the place and to share memories with it.

8. Opportunity to get creative

There are many ideas that you might have had ever since you pictured the wedding. This is the time to portray these ideas together with your loved one and your photographer who is able to guide you towards realizing some ideas as well as pinpointing others. The photographer reserves the choice of a location and place to you but may also offer professional advice on some beautiful spots given that they have done this before.

9. Document a piece of your history

Engagements lead to weddings which are one of the major milestones in anyone’s life. This is a chance to have evidence of the history you are about to make. An engagement shoot provides images of the two of you without the wedding garb but with almost the same intensity.

10. To spend time together

Wedding planning is quite tasking. The period after the engagement is usually very busy with a myriad of activities. This shoot is a chance to spend time together away from all the stress. This day is one that enables the two of you to have a happy time together. You may also go on a date or a movie after the shoot. This is a top 10  reasons to have an engagement shoot.