The Perfect Proposal Date: Her Birthday

Birthday Praposal Data

The Perfect Proposal Date for Birthday

Marriage proposals are big of a deal. It’s a pre-commitment to a life commitment. That said, you have to go about it the right way, maintaining originality and sincerity. Proposals have been known to be disappointing, perhaps due to the build-up of the anticipation or the idea of fairy tale love story or maybe the guys go at it the wrong way.

So how is the right way? Well, for once maintaining tradition is best. Ask her parents for permission, go down on your knee, have that specially crafted proposal – do not just say “will you marry me?” and finally the last piece, the most crucial detail, an engagement ring.

Now all this needs a special date, are you struggling to find that day of the year? Remember, it has to be extra special and probably easy to remember. If you are the type of guy who isn’t much keen on calendars and dates. As always Valentine Day comes in mind, but have you considered her Birthday? Birthdays are good days, offering perfect cover, it gives you the opportunity to blend in, get close to the target and take them out – well, in this case, propose to her.

On her birthday, she will be expecting, maybe the usual, gifts, dinner, birthday surprises that are far from a marriage proposal. Therefore, you can disguise the proposal as she expects the norm, this ensures fewer questions are asked when you go out solo on a quest to shop for the engagement ring. As she waits for her birthday gifts and what a better gift than an engagement ring as a birthday gift? Moreover, for most ladies, birthdays are like ‘new years’ where they reflect on the previous year and make resolutions. A marriage proposal is definitely a good way to start her new year.

As you have set this day for a proposal, don’t forget to celebrate her birthday as well. Celebrate both, get her a birthday cake, other birthday presents (besides the shiny diamond ring), a birthday card. The ideal thing here is to plan how the day will fit in together. They should complement one another not antagonize or conflict with each other.

As always with birthdays there is the speech, you can recite the speech, tell her how important she is in your life and how much you love her and then at the end formally propose and present her with the main birthday gift, the engagement ring. Being her birthday, it is important to plan the entire day and evening very well.