Married Versus Single: Which Is Better?

In the past, staying single was almost a taboo. In today’s world, the perception the society has on relationships and marriage has changed. Many people are embracing the institution of marriage only after deeply thinking about the implications on their present and future life.

Will marriage make you happier, more integrated into the society, healthier and better emotionally, physically and emotionally? This may not always be the case for everyone. After all, 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is important to note that there is no simple one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Even the researches that support the claim that getting married wins have been found to be biased to make it seem like married people are doing better than they actually are, and single people are not doing so well. This is not necessarily true.

In some studies, singles have been found to be the healthiest. For some people, getting married may be the beginning of their woes, especially if the marriage ends up in a divorce. They end up being less happy than they were when they were single.

Let us look into the benefits of – Married Versus Single – staying single, and the benefits of getting married.

However, this does not mean that Married Versus Single who is the best. In some ways, single people are doing much better than married ones, but in others, married people are doing even better.

 It is, therefore, important for you to be skeptical about whether marriage or single wins because:

  1. The results of the studies that have been done on this topic are all about averages. They tell you about what generally happens, but they do not look into the exceptions, and the results do not apply to every situation.
  2. For some people, life has more meaning while married and for some, it is more meaningful and fulfilling when single.
  3. The married and the single people are different. Married people made a choice to get married, so they may be doing better in some way from their choice. A single who is badgered to get married may not enjoy the same benefit of marriage.
  4. For some people, married life may be better at certain points of our lives. While single life may be better at other times. For example, there are some widowed people who were very happy in their marriages and have no regrets whatsoever, but they embrace their single life and have no intention to remarry.

Benefits of staying single

1. Career and economy


Singles have ample time to concentrate on their career than married people, and they are likely to reach to the top much sooner. The breaks required to start and take care of a family holds them back from their studies and career growth, and for them, climbing the career ladder is more important. They, therefore, experience the satisfaction of achieving the best of life with no regrets whatsoever.

Singles, therefore, contribute more to the economy by working more, taking up more challenging roles, and working late. Their time is more flexible and they can relocate whenever it is required.

2. More personal time


Single people have less housework to manage, therefore they have more time in hand. Taking a break or a trip requires no elaborate preparations and a night out with friends is always so simple.

They also have ample time to pursue their hobbies, new skills and passions, and to constantly reinvent themselves without interruptions. Decisions are also much easier to make.

3. More time to rest


After a long day at work, we all long to get cozy and regain strength for another long day. Singles have that time, unlike the married people who have children and other responsibilities.

Singles, therefore, are likely to be fresher and ready to take up new challenges.

4. Better social network


Staying connected in this technological age is so much easier, especially with all the social networking sites that are available. However, with so much agenda on the table, this is sometimes hindered for the married people. Singles, on the other hand, have more independence to keep in touch with parents and friends.

5. More fit


Singles have more time to start a fitness routine and are more likely to stick to it than married people, and therefore, are more likely to stay slimmer and healthier. Marriage promotes weight gain in women, and this is according to a study published in USA Today.

6. No explanations


As a single, you do not owe anyone an explanation for coming home late or being away for a number of days. You have no obligation to call home to inform anyone about your plans, and making impromptu plans is always very possible.

Benefits of being married

1. Longer life span and lower chances of heart disease


According to a study, single women have a 23 percent higher risk of early death and single men have a 34 percent more chance of early death, compared to married people.

According to an Oxford University study, the risk of dying of heart disease is reduced by 28 percent for women. This may be because the partner encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle or the fact that it may urge them to visit a doctor as soon as symptoms appear.

In a different study by Japanese scientists, we found single men to have three times more chances of dying from cardiovascular disease than married men.

2. Social security and support


Being single can bring in loneliness and can eventually push people to depression. Singles may not be able to find company wherever and whenever they wish, and they can sometimes find that they have no one who is trustworthy to spend time with.

As human beings, we need our mates for support, especially much later in life, which married people tend to enjoy.

3. Economic support


When one partner in a marriage cannot work or is not earning enough money, the partner can pitch in. But for singles, single-handedly earn your bread and butter and pay your bills, and this can put a lot of pressure on the person. It can eventually lead to serious health problems or depression.

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