How to Make a Unique Wedding Inspiration Board


Well, well, well, inspiration boards? Let’s be honest: not until people plan for a wedding do they get to know what inspiration boards are.  So, what are inspiration boards? An inspiration board is a collage kind used by mostly fashion designers and graphic professionals to create and communicate the creative aspect of a particular project, in this case, a wedding. Initially, it was a 3D concept; a solid cork pin board with all the creative aspects in it from fabrics to textures.

Because of the technological advancement, we now use digital boards, though there are still people who prefer the 3D boards. One advantage of the digital boards is in its portability. When you look at the inspiration boards, the concepts may be way far from being achieved since they reflect the perfect designs. Here is what you need to know: They are not there to limit you, they are basically there for giving ideas.

So, I’m guessing you are asking yourself, “why should I have an inspiration board?”  Bearing in mind that they compose it of pictures, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words “is no doubt that it’s very true. One of the significant roles it plays is communication. You as a bride – and congratulations- may have doubts about your wedding color theme. Doubt no more because a solution is there for you, inspiration boards are there for you! What you have to do is to contact a professional wedding planner who uses the inspiration boards to simulate the concept for you. This will help you visualize, and you can make a judgment from there.

Making a unique inspiration board can challenge 

They will help you and your wedding planners to get on the same page.  It will save you the frustration and your precious time. Besides communication, it helps you focus. You may have wedding views and ideas that are all over the place but having an inspiration board will assist you to gather your thought together to create a clear plan. It narrows your focus since it helps you test what works and what fails. Not to forget it also acts as an inspiration tool. You’ve never planned a wedding before, and here you are filled with enthusiasm. As the name suggests, it will inspire and save you the bridal fatigue. Here is a guide to doing it right.

Gather Your Images

gather your images

Take your time to select the best images that suit your theme for the wedding. Images you will choose should reflect the color theme that you want your wedding to have. This session is very paramount when making a unique inspiration board. Search for a collection of the best and inspiring images and save them.  Don’t be limited to get these images from the wedding blogs and websites; it can also pull them from interior designs, Instagram, and food category.

However, Pinterest images are the best. It is important to note that they should not use these images for publication. As much as it is about themes and colors in inspiration boards, bringing an atmosphere and a feeling of fun, romance, or laid-back, plays a significant role too. You should choose images that show what type of wedding you would like, whether it is a beach, garden, church or traditional, just to mention a few.

To what extent can an inspiration board be inspiring? To the extent of holding almost all the details, you would want in your dream wedding, even the dream of having the ground as your dancing floor and still under the stars. Can you imagine?

 Select Your Favorites

select your favorites

This is the fun part, trust me. Your images are now in a folder, and you want to choose the best among the best. Have heard people saying that men don’t use their guts, as opposed to women who are known to have strong guts and they use them most of the time, well this is the phase you have to use and trust your gut. So ladies, brace yourself to have some fun. Again, take time also in selecting the perfect images. If you are working on a grid, nine images would be ideal to use on a single board.

Put it Together

put it together unique inspiration board

You now have your best images, now is the time to place them together in a style of your choice. There is no standard way of piecing your images together. Be creative and come up with a unique inspiration board. There are very many platforms that you can use to do this. They include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Polypore. You have a variety of mediums to choose from therefore you will choose that medium you are comfortable using. Isn’t great?

wedding inspiration board

Now your board is done, you may want to see if the board is well curated. Take some details off it. Take a scenario, when you are preparing to go somewhere say, an interview, you need to be well groomed. Before you leave the house, you check yourself in a mirror one last time to see if you are presentable. If perhaps you have too many accessories, you remove them and compare the two different looks. The same thing should be done once your wedding inspiration board is done. If there is too much detail on the board, you may be overwhelmed by it. In case the theme is implemented, some of the details may go unnoticed, you only need very few details on your wedding that will surely be appreciated and noticed.  Also in the process, the pattern of venue décor and flower choices may stand out.

You may not have time to do all this work, luck for you there are available inspiration boards onsite just for you. However, custom made inspiration boards works magic. For more informative details on weddings visit  and get informed.