How To Determine The Ideal Engagement Ring Design For You


An ideal engagement ring design should be an embodiment of what the lady wants. And what it represents for both of you and know the different ring styles to know which one suits your lady best. The following ring styles vary with the choice of metal. For example, gold, silver, rose gold, platinum and much more depending on your preference.

List of The Ideal Engagement Ring Design

Below are the list of ideal engagement ring designs styles according to choices.

The elegant but Traditional design


This features a classical but ageless Solitaire setting highlighting the center diamond with no diversions. This style of the ring features the diamond in the center and is the most popular. The universal Solitaire ring emphasizes on a plain metal band. But for refinement’s sake, consider a basket or trellis setting or make sure the diamond setting is very low.

Outgoing and Stylish Design


This setting is for those who want to impress with the ring’s glamour. It entails a diamond setting where the ring is held higher or one featuring pave’-set diamonds that sparkle on the band of the ring. A Halo setting falls into this category whereby a circle of smaller diamonds is added around the diamond in the center to make it seem larger and add sparkle.

Nature-Lover’s Design


It incorporates organic elements into the ring’s design like vines, leaves or flowers. To protect the diamond, consider a thin metal band enveloping the diamond all around the girdle or a bezel setting.

The Classical and Romantic design


If your partner loves everything vintage and romantic, then a ring setting that highlights scrollwork patterns, milgrain details, delicate bands, filigree or elaborate galleries. Look at a genuine antique engagement ring as one of your ring choices if unique antique items are what your partner likes.

The Modern Designs of rings


Look at a bezel setting whereby a thin metal band cradles the center diamond all around the girdle. She can also refrain from the classical center diamond and consider a ring with a wide band and lovely details. Gemstone accents or diamond accents might add a bit of sparkle to the your ideal engagement ring design.