How to Know If Your Husband or Boyfriend Is Cheating On You


8 Signs He’s Cheating On You

Things have been going on perfectly in your marriage and marriage for a long time, until recently. You may have noticed some changes in your husband or boyfriend that makes you suspect. That he may see another woman. It is always hard to believe. And you may live in denial for some time before you take a step. So the question is how can you be sure your partner is cheating on you. Without using a polygraph or hiring a private investigator. While there are no hard and fast rules to know for sure. That your husband or boyfriend may cheat on you. Psychologists, knowledgeable relationship experts, divorce lawyers and love coaches have come up with some suggestions that may help you determine with some certainty. That your man is cheating on you.

1. First, look out for the usual suspects that will point you to the right directions. This included your man coming home with a lipstick stain on his shirt or face. Unanticipated signs of recent sexual activity on his body such as ruffled hair and rumpled clothes, another woman’s scent or perfume smelling on you partner’s clothes or hair. Don’t conclude if this happens once, be patient and see if this happens again or often.


2. If your man suddenly starts working late without adequate explanation, his lifestyle expenditures have increased without you, unexpectedly travelling, deciding to stay away from you for certain nights or for two days at a time you should put your thinking hats on, especially if this happens along with the above mentioned signs and others we will talk about below.


3. Observe if his appearance has changed simultaneously with the events described. If your partner was not interested in his appearance previously, but is spending too much time on his looks. Than you have suggested, then you should sit up and take notice. Is he dressing better, going to the gym more often, or taking a shower at night (he may be trying to clean out the scent of another woman). It is possible he is enhancing his looks to make his side chick happy. For example, if you like him cleanly shaved, and he suddenly tells you he wants to start growing a beard despite your repeated protests. You should watch for other signs to confirm.

4.If your man suddenly stops becoming aware of what you are wearing or how you look, even when you are obviously trying to get his attention. Then there may some things amiss. Even at those times when he is trying to be with you, it is as if he is not there with you. He doesn’t just notice your presence and may be startled when you touch him or try speaking with him.

5. In line with the above, observe his body language closely. As this will reveal if he is with you or thinking about someone else. For example, if he does not make eye contact with you anymore. This may be a sign of guilt (you must have studied your partner very well to make sure he was an ‘eye contact’ person before now).


If he suddenly touches you or shows you affection only when you are together in private (you should have known before now if your partner is shy with regards to showing public affection) you should be concerned. It is likely he does not want his side chick to see him giving you attention.

6. Another red flag is if your man starts keeping his mobile phone very private. Taking his phone to the bathroom, going to places he is sure you will not hear his phone conversation to take phone calls, is chatting more frequently with people he does not want you to know about.

7. Be careful if your partner suddenly starts developing a new interest in a colleague at his place of work. A new single lady who just moved into the neighborhood, or one of your friends. He is suddenly speaking about her more often, and even looking for ways to help her out.

8. If his friends, family members and colleagues are giving you hints that something might be amiss. You should not just ignore it with a wave of the hand. Try to investigate using the above pointers so you will be sure of their claims are true or not.

While the points above are not exhaustive, always be careful and follow your instincts. A note of warning will be that you should have studied your partner very well, know his dress style, perfumes, body language, etc. very well before you decide that there are changes. It will be damning to your relationship if you do not know your man very well and start making wrong assumptions.