Honeymoon Destinations That Will Make You The Envy of Your Couple Friends


15 Most popular destinations for a honeymoon

A honeymoon is an opportunity for two people to celebrate their union. And the life they will be starting with a bang. Here they can get away from the madness that the world brings. And get to bask in the presence of their new love. And the one they will get to share this love with. A honeymoon should be romantic, restful, spectacular. And unique seeing as they are experiences to be had once in a lifetime. And you will remember the memories made there for the rest of your life. Here are some places to consider for your honeymoon destinations that will make it worth the time.

1. Honeymoon – California


You will find California to be very enjoyable. It comprises a tightly compacted package of wonderful experiences. And the weather is amazing in addition to the wonders of Hollywood and the brilliant natural scenery. Find a hotel that is close to all the attractions for convenience purposes.

2. Ko Samui, Thailand


This large island is considered to be one of Thailand’s most popular destinations for a honeymoon. And is in the Gulf of Siam with lots of beautiful beaches. It is part of the Angthong Marine National Park meaning honeymooners will get lots of chances to adventure. And explore which could involve diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

3. New Zealand


Here you will get to see the natural scenery in all its glory. Especially in the colder areas of the country. Where everything is so extravagant and unique that films and TV shows have been filmed in these areas, including Lord of the Rings. There will be no need to worry about overcrowding. As there are not many people in the country no matter where you are.

4. Byron Bay, Australia


Australia is enormous and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to go but Byron is perfect for relaxing. Byron Bay delivers an intensely laid back atmosphere overall, beautiful wild, rain forests and pristine beaches.

5. Costa Rica


Home to stunning natural beauty, gorgeous beaches, lush hot springs, elegant world-class resorts and boutique hotels, Costa Rica also has lovely tropical rainforests through which you can go hiking. There is a lot to see and do to make your honeymoon memorable.

6. Turks and Caicos


If you are looking to engage in underwater activities for the most part of your honeymoon, this is the place for you. There are excellent scuba diving facilities, dazzling blue waters and white sandy beaches that are all yours for choosing if diving is not your cup of tea.

7. Bali


Looking for something different? Bali offers many water sports activities as well as white sandy beaches not to mention the region is outlined by lush, green unadulterated forests and volcanic mountains as well as luxurious resorts.

8. Paris, France


Get to enjoy the romance that Paris has to offer from the French style department stores to the magnificent palaces and gardens. Experience the sweet wines and the authentic French cuisine or walk through the richly decorated streets as you are being serenaded.

9. Bermuda


This modern-day paradise exudes with a relaxing atmosphere, perfect sunny weather, pristine beaches, and crystal clear waters.

10. Cancun, Mexico


Here you will get to be exposed to an explosion of flavors through the goodness that their spicy food brings and you can also find mysterious Aztec temples which you can explore, great festivities where you can experience the rich culture and serene beaches as well. Cancun is quite famous as a honeymoon destinations given its status as a relaxation paradise with the host of accommodations, the clear blue watered beaches, and the warm weather.

11. St. Lucia


This collection of islands has received praise as one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in the world because of the presence of the many islets which are remote in the area. If you want you can stay on one of the islands on your own and get to climb a volcano, get active with some water sports or rejuvenate yourself in the therapeutic hot springs.

12. Tahiti


This paradise seems like it has been created specifically for honeymooners and couples looking to get away for a romantic holiday. There are more than 118 well-known destinations and beautiful islands such as Bora Bora and Moorea which explains why Tahiti has all the elements needed for you to experience a unique and exquisite honeymoon.

13. Hawaii


Often considered to be one of the best spots for a honeymoon in the world. Hawaii boasts of incomparable natural settings like remote locations. Wonderful beaches and spectacular volcanoes. You could also visit the neighboring islands such as Lanai, Molokai, Hawaii, Kauai, and Maui. Which will give you a rich variety of environments that you can explore? So that you don’t feel trapped by a lack of options.

14. Kenya


If African wildlife is your thing and you are looking to have a wild honeymoon. Kenya would be an excellent place to consider. It is home to animals like big cats, zebra, gazelle, and wildebeests. And extensive plains which make for a honeymoon experience teeming with wild encounters.

15. US Virgin Islands


Given that it is a chain of more than 50 islands you will get more than your fair share of beaches, coves and immaculate bays all of which come together to provide a peaceful and natural experience for honeymooners. This is not all; there is duty-free shopping for everything from clothing to jewelry meaning you should come back from your vacation with lots of honeymoon memorabilia.

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