Gift Ideas For Father’s Day


The most memorable moment in your childhood has something to do with your dad right? That day he took you to the park, water fall, up the mountain trail, on a road trip, the many times he would tickle you to tears, watching you perform on stage, etc. It could even be the comfort and security you felt ever time he walked through the door. There is something about a father that can never be replaced. Father’s day gives you a chance to relive these moments. How about you do it with a memorable father’s day gift!

Getting a gift for a man appears to be the most straightforward thing you can do. Just walk into the store and pick another fancy tie. Or a sweater for the cold evenings. Maybe a pair of socks. But aren’t these items mundane and obvious? How about something interesting and thoughtful. Here are thoughtful ideas you can consider for the big day.

• A Classic Watch


Very few people are still stuck with watches to tell time. Many have moved to phones and other gadgets that a watch feels like a bother. But not for your dad. You can remember how delaying in the morning got him mad! Or how much he has mastered the seasons of time. A watch is the perfect gift for this father to whom time is everything.

There are many watches in the market. They range from digital ones to the old school models that have minute, hour and seconds hands. This is the perfect piece for the old man. It will be an ornament that never leaves his hand. You will be passing a message of how valuable it has been to share time together.

You could go further and customize the watch. Have his name inscribed somewhere on the face or the back. You may also think of his age or a message that you would like to pass to him using the present. Spice it up further by using his image as the face of the watch. A photo of him and your mother in their hay days would also be perfect.

• Beard Trimmer


This tops the list of classic father’s day gift ideas to consider. Your father loves his beard you might think it is one of his sons, right? Help him to take care of it by getting him a trimmer. This is a personal grooming accessory that keeps him young. There are high quality trimmers that will save him many trips to the barber shop. They come with customizable settings for precision purposes.

The size is small and manageable for him. With a rechargeable battery, he can carry it in his bag even when on a tour without worrying about how to locate a barber shop. Every time he holds the trimmer in his hands, you will be on his mind.

The beauty about this trimmer is how easy it is for anyone to use it. It does not require special skills that your father cannot master at his age. This will help him maintain his swag and cool as well as look decent when he is coming to town to visit his grandchildren. It will only cost you a few dollars to get this thoughtful gift.

While we are at it, what if we got him shaving kit? Yes, a complete kit with a razor and ointment oils. Most of them come with replacement cartilages which means that he will not need to get to the shops anytime soon. That moisturizer, hair clay and sunscreen will keep his hair and scalp clean and healthy. Grooming your father on Father’s Day is an excellent treat for him.

• Barbecue Grill


If food cooked by your mother is tasty, then meat grilled by your father will be sumptuous. The much you enjoyed outdoors with him in your childhood is the much your grandchildren will enjoy grilled chicken, sausages and ribs when they visit their grandfather. Your mother will always cook for them but the few bites they enjoy from the hands of their grandfather will remain memorable.

You may even accompany the grill with a book on grilling recipes. This will open a new chapter in his life. The next time he calls you on a Saturday evening, he will be narrating how much fun it is to grill chicken for your mother under the clear skies. You will be adding more color to their lives and marriage.

• Vacation Ticket


Who said you father had exhausted his dream destinations? In fact, he now has the time to travel the world more than ever before. There are no children to worry about. He can manage his bills and has own money. Surprise him with a dream destination ticket.

Book a hotel you think he would love for a weekend or several days for mom and dad. Maybe it is this place that you have always heard that he promised your mother and never took her. Let him feel the joy of being a father and also incorporate your mother into the plan. There could not have been a father without a mother anyway.

• A Ring


A ring is one of the most prestigious father’s day gift you will ever give to your father. It is a sign of prestige and class with numerous colors, precious metals and crystals to add onto it. Your father will appreciate an added jewel on his fingers to keep him looking young and stylish. You may even go for the hand crafted variety that allows you to engrave a special message on it.
Fathers are not masters of attention. They only want a few minutes and a thoughtful gift. He will assign it the highest sentimental value you can ever imagine. Here are more Father’s Day gift ideas that will make the day memorable. They are thoughtful and will not cost you much.