Common Wedding Superstitions You Need To Know Before Your Wedding Day


Common Wedding Superstitions

Ever wondered why most brides prefer to dress up in white on their wedding day. And not some overly bright color like blue or red? Well, this is because each color brings on a different kind of luck factor. Red signifies death whereas pink color means that your spirit will sink. The significance of the color varies from culture to culture and is not the same for every tradition. Just like the cultures, traditions, and superstitions are not the same for every culture. Some of them are so engraved in our lives that there is no telling them apart. Here are some common wedding superstitions and the common beliefs they incur.

1 Rain brings fertility and not just to the land


Rain is a symbol of fertility and wellness. Just like it can turn a barren land into a lush green piece of beauty. It is believed that it can bring fertility to the couple’s lives. So the rain might ruin your dress and the whole décor. But at least it would leave you with a promise of a beautiful gift exactly nine months from the date of the wedding.

2 If you thought knives are a good wedding gift then think about it once again


Knives are an omen of bad luck. It is believed that gifting knives to a newly wedded couple bring forth bad and unsteady relationships which do not last for too long. So next time you think of gifting knives to someone on their wedding think well before you do that. However, it makes me wonder who gifts knives on a wedding day anyway.

3 No seeing each other before the wedding day


Walking down the aisle towards the man of your dreams and looking at that look in his eyes of utter awe and joy, you would definitely regret not meeting him privately beforehand so that you could savor the moment. Well, even if you wanted to you couldn’t have because according to folklore, it is not a good omen and brings on bad luck in the couple’s lives.

4 Spider on the dress is not that bad after all


If you see a spider on that beautiful white dress before the wedding, do not try to kill it out of fear. In fact, hold it close and thank the tiny eight-legged creature for he just brought you a lot of good luck in the life to follow.

5 Carry her over the threshold


It is time to lose some weight ladies so that he can carry you over the threshold easily. It was believed that a lot of evil spirits want to harm the bride and by lifting her up the husband comes forward to protect her against them all.

These are just a few of the many superstitions which you will get to know around your wedding day. Make them a part of your family to make the wedding day more fun. If you enjoyed reading this, then log in to our blog where many other such interesting reads await you.