Celebrate the most important event of your life Javda Style


When asked which is the most important event of one’s life. People often say the wedding and yes it might be true but think hard and you’ll realize it is actually the engagement that marks the beginning of the wedding. And thus, it is the engagement that must be considered the most important event of your life. It is the engagement that will give you the official status of being together without taking that big step of the wedding. It will give you a chance to be more than just a boyfriend/girlfriend and less than a husband/wife. And so according to us, engagement is more special than weddings.

To make this special event of your life a little more special. We at Javda offer our customers the variety of amazingly crafted rings which are hard to find elsewhere. We know the importance of engagement in a person’s life. And therefore have come up with some great diamonds rings, some of which are listed below:

Antique & Vintage


Living up to its name, Antique and Vintage rings will give you a royal feel which is hard to find otherwise. These rings are preferred by couples who like unique things. And the things that tell a story and makes one feel royal. Not everyone will go for the vintage and antique rings. But those who do have a very royal taste and a good eye for details.

Bridal Sets


Since the name has set in it you can assume that it is not just one ring. Yes, the bridal set will mean that you’ll be ordering two rings at the same time but one ring will be the superbly crafted one and the other one will be a matching wedding band which perfectly match with a ring. It is not necessary that you have to buy both the rings, you can also order one at a time. This gorgeous beautiful bridal ring set is the perfect way to show your lifetime commitment. Javda has some amazing and exquisite collection of bridal wedding sets which you must check out as soon as possible.

Halo with sidestone


Halo with sidestone design will mean a big diamond at the center of the ring accompanied by small beautiful stones or diamonds on the sides. These types of rings have been quite a trend these days because of the classic look they provide. The side stones make the center stone appear bigger and sparkling increasing its value. Usually, the center diamond is a round shaped or cushion shaped as it complements the other diamonds as well.

Classic Three Stone


For those who are not satisfied with just one big diamond, Javda especially has something in store for them. Yes, we have fabulously designed classic three stone rings specially designed for you. These type of rings contain a big stone in the center and a little smaller two stones on each side. There has been a growing demand for this type of ring as it has a very contemporary look which is preferred by people these days.

Classic Solitaire


Trends may come and trends may go but one of the constant attraction that has stayed for years now id the classic solitaire. Nothing but a big stone at the center has been ruling the jewelry market for years now. Couples who believe in simplicity and elegance always prefer the classic solitaire rings as compared to others. You can have a round shaped or any other shaped diamond on your ring.

Three stone with sidestone


You must have guessed the designed with the name itself. Yes, Three stone with a side stone diamond ring is a combination of classic three stone and the side stones. If you absolutely love diamonds and can’t think of a single diamond or three diamond ring for yourself then you must definitely go with this type of rings. We have a huge variety when it comes to Three stone with sidestone rings. You can have a round shaped or pear shaped or any other shaped diamond as your main centre diamond.

Classic Sidestone


In recent times, the demand for classic sidestone has been on the rise due to its distinctive style and look. It is a little similar to the Halo with sidestone ring but one major difference is in the side stones. The side stones in the Halo rings are in a small quantity and in a particular pattern whereas in classic sidestone it is quite the opposite.

Customize your weddings ring

Engagement is a special event and so should be your ring. At Javda, one can select a semi mount ring as per your choice of metals and diamonds and our team will help you to customize it the way you like. This will help the one in standing out from the rest.

So that was the trending list of rings these days. Do let us know which one is your favorite or which one would you like to buy for your engagement in the comments box below. Your views are very important to us and we shall make sure to deliver what you expect.