Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Speech Writing Ideas


You are chosen by your best friend to be a Maids of Honor on her big day. Besides being the bride’s right-hand woman throughout the wedding preparation and the actual wedding day. Everyone expects you to give a speech on that day. Not only a mere speech but a speech that is spoken from the heart. For a long time now, the Best Man has been known to be the one to give the speech. But times have changed, and you ladies have to brace yourselves.

Come to think of it, between a man and a woman, naturally, who can give a moving speech? It is natural that a woman can express what she feels more openly than a man would. Many are the times when the speeches by the Maid of Honor are light-hearted. And bring out just the expected amount of sentiment to give room for some oohs.  Not that am gender bias but let’s say things as they are. However, if a man is compelled to give a speech too, he can do it, it’s a free world! It acceptable for both the Maid of Honor and the Best Man to be toastmasters at the wedding party; all they have to do is to decide who goes first.

Are you wondering where to begin writing your Maids of Honor speech? Worry no more. Here are tips to help you accomplish this task.


Speech Writing Ideas

As soon as you have been notified that you are going to be the bridesmaid or the Maid of Honor. Start preparing a speech. This is not a task that you start preparing the night before the big day. Begin by analyzing the speeches you have heard at other wedding been done by other people. What didn’t you like about the speech? Or What excited you in the speech? These question should run in your mind as you brainstorm. Incorporate the good aspects.

Additionally, it is also good to speak about your relationship with the bride. Their family and the best moments you’ve had in the past.  Purpose to talk about how the couple met. And how their relationship grew and how they stand out. Are these memories making you laugh, smile or cry? Note them down; they will have a huge impact on the crowd, especially the couple. The point is, all these memory details will help you as a bridesmaid or a Maid of Honor. When you come to write the speech.


Tell a Story

bridesmaid and maid of honor speech writing ideas

You remember the memories you’ve been having. Since it gave you the task of being a Maid of Honor. Those are the exact details you should focus on when writing the speech. And of course, they should be relevant. Some people say, “We have been friends since childhood,” instead of giving a statement, tell a story. It would be more interesting to hear how you played together. How you helped each other solve some problems. How you struggled in a particular subject, how she first acted hard to get before they started dating, the list is endless. Paint a clear picture to your audience. Giving every important detail that will paste an interesting insight into the bride and the groom. However, remember not to go overboard with inappropriate and negative details.


Keep it Short and Exciting

keep it short and exciting

You may be having lots of memories to share with the crowd; we get it. However, long speeches sometimes may bore the audience regardless of how entertaining they are. Therefore, when writing the Maid of Honor speech. Make sure you keep it short and exciting too. After all, weddings are more about celebrating, eating and drinking, not a storytelling session.  However, this is not to underestimate the power of words. Ensure you write a complete speech nevertheless. As you write, it is also advisable to practice reading out the speech to a mock audience and also time yourself.  You don’t have to memorize –  it’s unbelievable how emotions can get hold of even the coolest of cucumbers off guard.


Avoid Clichés

This is a paramount aspect of the writing process of a Maids of Honor speech. Jokes are among the cliché we have in wedding speeches. There is a tradition about a wedding that makes people feel like they have to start the speech with a joke. This may be misguided advice- it’s rather you open with sentiments. A joke can fall flat, and you will live to curse the day.

Clichés also tend to have the feeling of being unoriginal. They don’t bring the sentimental feeling that should be in a wedding ceremony. That is why they should be avoided at all cost.


It’s the Groom’s Turn

its the grooms turn

Given the relationship between the bride and the Maid of Honor. Most of the time we take too long to focus on the bride. And sometimes the groom is left out of the picture. Remember it take two for there to be a wedding ceremony so don’t forget to write something about the groom. You may choose to write about his sense of humor and how well he treats the bride.


Don’t Focus on Yourself

dont focus on yourself

Not focusing on yourself does not mean you stop being yourself. You should be undeniably yourself as a Maid of Honor. Simply, what this means is that any story should be about the bride and the groom.  Whenever you talk about yourself, it should only occur when you are giving a deep reflection of your good relationship with the couple. Talking about yourself should be avoided at all cost.


Wrap It Up in Style

wrap it up in style

When writing a bridesmaid or a Maid of Honor speech ensure you plan to write a proper conclusion. This will make your trail off gracefully. You may choose to use quotes or a saying or rather just say:” let’s toast to the newlywed” as you pop your glass of champagne to the audience. Another way to conclude gracefully is to wish them a lifetime of love and joy in their marriage.

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