Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas

Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas

15 Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas

Best Wedding Tattoos Ideas

Weddings are a special occasion that remains in our memories for a lifetime. It is the opportunity where lovebirds make solemn vows and get hitched. The flowers. The gown. Happiness. The laughter. Weddings give the best moments in life. You can take it a little further by having some matching wedding tattoos. It is not only a personal reminder of your commitment to love but it is also a symbol for the universe to see just how you feel. Wedding tattoos are romantic, beautiful, unique and an amazing way to express your feelings. And tattoos have become more acceptable and popular in today’s society. Some of the best wedding tattoos ideas include:

1. I love you

Nothing expresses a statement of love enjoy wedding tattoos that say I love you. It is such a sweet expression and a declaration of your feelings. It is also very cute. You could have the tattoo on your arm or any way you would like it to be. All that matters is to outwardly declare your undying love for your partner.

2The cross

The cross tattoos

Sometimes your love story is bound by spiritual or religious reasons. One way to express these beliefs is to have wedding tattoos of the cross. You don’t have to go too big with your tattoo. A small cross tattoo will just do the trick. It shows that your love is more than just about yourselves and you have a greater reason.

3. Cartoon love

Cartoon love tattoos

Do you have some childish side of you? Then a cartoon wedding tattoo will express this part of you. It will show the fun side of your relationship. Get wedding tattoos of your favorite cartoon character. The character may be different for both of you but it can say so much about your personality.

4. The lock and key

This is the ideal wedding tattoo. One person can have the lock tattoo and the other can have the key. Just looking at the tattoos passes the message you are soul mates. You found each other. It is a promise that no one else has either the lock or the key for both of you. Isn’t it wonderful?

5. A design connection

Choose designs that are unique and special to you especially those that can be split into two. I will tattoo one design on you and the other half on your partner such that the design is incomplete without both of you. This means you are incomplete without each other.

6. Anchors

anchors tattoos

Anchors mean that your partner is your anchor and he or she holds you down. Your partner gives you stability and strength.

7. Wedding rings

Instead of the traditional wedding bands, you could wedding tattoos of wedding rings. Tattoo the ring on your ring finger which is more permanent than a wedding band. This means that your marriage is for a lifetime.

8. Another language

Wedding tattoos of another language are something personal that only you and your partner can understand. It is a romantic way of expressing your love. It goes out to show that you are a unique couple who have found a different way of displaying your feelings.

9. Hearts

Hearts tattoos

Nothing screams love like heart tattoos. When you match the wedding tattoos, you don’t have to say I love you because looking at the tattoo will say it all. Hearts are a symbol of never-ending love and just as the heart continues to beat, so will your love for each other continue.

10. The lifeline

This wedding tattoo takes a commitment to a whole new level. It illustrates that the need for your partner is a life and death situation. As the vows say, “till death do us part” Lifeline tattoos are for passionate lovers who feel like they cannot live without their partner.

11. The arrow

You can tattoo an arrow that connects your initials. This represents your constant connection to your partner. It illustrates that like an arrow has is continuous from the tip to the end with both parts being important, so is your partnership.You can also have one of you with an arrow tattoo and the other with a bow. This shows you work together. You are in sync and that one cannot do without the other.

12. Nautical

Nautical wedding tattoos are a reflection that you belong to your partner wherever they may be. Since you are getting married, you will follow your partner wherever they go and where they are is where your home is. Nautical tattoos are unique and show how much you will sacrifice for your partner. You have the choice of deciding coordinates special to both of you.

13. Diamonds

Diamonds are a classic illustration of value. Diamonds are expensive and glamorous objects. Such wedding tattoos show that you value your partner and you accredit the precious quality of diamonds to them. This shows that you treasure your partner.

14. Initials

Simplicity speaks volumes. A wedding tattoo of your partner’s initials is a sweet way of declaring your love for one another. It will remind every time you look at the tattoo of your love for that individual. Initials are a constant reminder that you are no longer a single entity. There is someone else in the picture.

15. The sun and the moon

Drawing from the meaning of the literal sun and moon, these wedding tattoos mean that you feel as though the sun rises and sets with your partner. They are classic wedding tattoos for lovebirds who want to show how they feel around their partners. It also shows that even during the dark times, the moon will always be around to give light. Your partner will always be around to light up your low moments.

Wedding tattoos remain for a lifetime. They are beautiful, unique and amazing. You don’t have to get big tattoos. Simple and small tattoos will do the trick. Pick one among this list of the best wedding tattoos that express your love story.