Best Way To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Best Way To Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary?

So you have been married for ten years? Congratulations! That’s a great achievement! Some never make it a year. Let’s celebrate. But how can you mark this day? You have been to all the nice places you can imagine. You have bought her some of the most thoughtful gifts available, You have taken her for dinner countless number to times. What else is left? There are still a thousand best ways to celebrate your anniversary but I will only share a few to spice up your day.

  • Write A Love Letter

Write A Love Letter

When love is nurtured it behaves like wine and gets better with age. An anniversary is a moment to reflect upon where you started and how far you have come. What if we do so the old school way? Let’s write a letter with the old white envelop that has blue and pink border.

Use the letter to tell him or her how much you treasure his love. Say about the good things you have enjoyed with your partner for the long you have been married. Your partner will appreciate the memories. You may also include some of the toughest challenges you have overcome together. This is what love is made of and this is what time should do to love. Make it better and enjoyable.

Let us spray some perfume into it. Write all the fancy high school words you can think of on top like “Open with a kiss”, or even drawing love hearts on the page. Anything to raise his or her anticipation when opening the letter will do the magic.

Let the letter be the first thing he or she sees in the morning. Maybe your partner is one of those who do not remember or even bother about the anniversary. This letter will wake him or her up and blow his or her mind. Place at the table where you will have your anniversary meal. This will be a special occasion to be remember forever.

  • Relive Your Lives Through Photos And Videos

Relive Your Lives Through Photos And Videos

Nothing captures the beauty of marriage better than photos of places you have visited together. Go for your photo album and review your journey together. Collect all the albums beforehand. Set aside time after dinner or after a walk. Make sure you are fully relaxed and have the time. If there are children, it is time to send them off to your parents or relatives.

Organize the photos from the oldest to the most recent. Prepare the videos as well including the one for your wedding. It will be fun to see how much your bodies have changed. You will remember the best places you ever visited together and how each reacted. It will be a roller coaster back in time.

The video is a strong and interactive way of going back in time. Besides the video recording during your wedding, today you can create a quality video with a simple phone. Combine all your pictures and clips in your possession, turning them into a movie. The beauty of it is that you can watch it sited on the grass at the park from your phone. This will be one of the most rewarding journeys back in time.

Take this opportunity to have an anniversary photo shoot. It could be at home, at the park, restaurant, favorite gallery, studio, etc. You will appreciate how much things have changed over the years. You may also make an anniversary mix CD that has the photos and your favorite music.

  • Go Away

Go Away

Years or months of being together and going to the same restaurants and park will wear you out. It is time to explore beyond your comfort zone. Go for that holiday you have been talking about forever. You need to have planned in advance to make this a success. Feel like you are teens once again.

It could be a game drive or safari to a national park. Take to the skies with a hot air balloon. Hit the beach and test your surfing skills. Visit the marine parks and enjoy the beautiful fish, dolphins and other aquatic animals. Just ensure that you are not within the places you have lived and visited for the past years.

While on safari, you have a chance to be creative in order to mark your years together. Knit a scarf for him or her and include her name or initials on the pattern. Visit a potter and mold a bowl or flower vase. Get into an artists studio and have the image of both of you drawn. Whatever creative piece you get for your anniversary, remember to inscribe the number of years you have been together. Several years down the line, it will be fun to see how you marked each anniversary.

  • Remember Gifts

Remember Gifts

Everyone loves something to take home. Something to always remind him or her about a particularly special day. This comes in the form of a gift. By know, you know what he or she has been longing for all this time. You know the kind of gift that will move his heart. Buy it in advance and present it on that day.

Gifts do not have to be expensive. Even a chain with a pendant that spells the number of years you have been together been welcome. Some of these gifts are so valuable that they are never used. They are kept for the purpose of memory. As such, avoid something that will end like food.

Above all, remember to make the day feel like your wedding anniversary. You may invite your friends or relatives for a meal before going on to celebrate alone. You may visit your parents or invite them over to share the day with you. Pamper him or her with niceties like ice cream, chocolate, flowers, a movie, dinner, etc. Go to a place that spells celebrations and find a way of retaining those memories. Let whatever you do be an opportunity to recharge for the next phase of your marriage life. Here are more tips on how to celebrate your anniversaries in memorable yet affordable ways.