Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Certified By GIA?

are lab grown diamonds certified by GIA

Yes! Since the grading of lab-grown diamonds certified by GIA. The term “synthetic” has been stopped using in the GIA laboratory-grown Diamond Reports. And also on the identification reports. The GIA report includes the standard cut, clarity, and color grading of the lab-grown diamonds are not an informative purchase. In this report, they also include “this is a man-made diamond. Processed by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) growth process. And may include post-growth treatments to change the color”.

What is Lab-Grown Certification?

what is lab-grown diamond certificate

A lab-grown diamond certificate is a document. Where the characteristics of a diamond are describe by the third-party lab. There are several diamond laboratories where each lab grads the diamonds differently. But, the lab is only authorize to evaluate the lab-grown diamonds. According to their excellence.

cut clarity and color of lab diamond

Every lab-grown diamond has a certificate that you must receive and review the lab-grown certification. A lab-grown diamond is measured by the jewelry experts. Who evaluate, scrutinize, and measure the cut, clarity, and color of a diamond. With a loupe or microscope and report their findings on the certificate.

Why GIA Certification is not for Lab-Grown Diamonds? 

why GIA certification is not for lab-grown diamonds

The most respected and known diamond grading in the world is GIA. Which is also referred to as the Gemmological Institute of America. GIA certifies natural diamonds and gives assurance while purchasing. For each natural diamond, a GIA certificate reports the aspects. Which include the depth%, quality of the cut, color, carat weight, table%, symmetry, clarity, and more.

The characteristics of a lab-grown diamond are only for a certain range. GIA doesn’t give the VS2 clarity grade to a lab-grown diamonds. Where they can be given a VS1-VS2 clarity of grade range. Without the clarity and color grade, it is tough to compare the beauty and the prices of a lab-grown diamonds.

As GIA has changed some of their grading whereas, the IGI lab-grown certification is leading forward.

IGI Certified Lab-Created Diamond vs GIA Certified Natural diamonds

IGI certified lab-created diamond vs GIA certified natural diamonds

A flawless natural diamond that has a resale value for at least 50% of your purchase. GIA certified natural diamonds are high-quality diamonds that maintain the value of your investment. But they are conflict diamonds as they cause harm to nature while purchasing.

Whereas, there is no resale value for the lab-grown diamonds. As they are less expensive than the natural diamonds. But give you the best clarity that can be found only 2% of all-natural diamonds. IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds are conflict-free and eco-friendly diamonds.

What Does the GIA & IGI Certification Provides?

what does the GIA & IGI certification provides

Well, the certificate of GIA & IGI laboratories provides the grade of the diamonds. And searches for specific aspects like evaluating clarity and inclusions. These specific aspects of the inclusion include:

  • Number of inclusions
  • Size of inclusions
  • Color of inclusions
  • Position of the specific location of inclusions
  • Nature of inclusions whether the flaws are internally or on the surface

From the inspection of the lab grown this information is gathered. Which will be the grading of a lab grown diamond. Thus, this grading impacts the value of the diamond in the industry.