Everything You Want to Know About the American Wedding Culture


What comes to your mind when I say wedding? I am sure the most common things are joy, happiness, fun and a lot many emotions that are just hard to describe. If you are a woman, then you will think of three more things that are your clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Usually, here in the American wedding Culture most of the weddings that take place are white wedding type wherein the girl walks down the aisle in a beautiful white dress and stands beside the man of his dreams. The priest recites the vows and the girl and the boy agree to it with all their heart in front of all their relatives. Then, comes the most important ceremony, and that is the exchange of rings. Talking about the rings, Javda jewellers have come up with some great collection of wedding bands or rings that are too much in these days.

About American wedding culture

Coming back to the wedding, below are certain things are of utmost importance in an American style of wedding culture :

Bride’s Wedding Dress


Ever wondered why the brides prefer a white dress during their weddings? And therefore it is a perfect selection for the event as big as a wedding. Bride’s outfit is always the much talked about the thing and therefore brides are very choosy with select their wedding dress. Of late brides are also trying to be different by an option for wedding dresses that not white. They may be off white, silver, peach or any other light color.


Location of the wedding


Traditionally, weddings take place in a church where all your friends and relatives are present. With changing times, this tradition has changed too. Today, weddings take place in chapels, beaches, gardens, etc.  Many couples prefer a destination wedding which gives them a break from their daily routine and where they can enjoy their special time.


The Bride’s Bouquet


During the wedding, the bride clutches a bouquet throughout. We consider the bouquet to be a kind of good luck or a means through which the evil spirits stay away. At the end of the ceremony, all they call the single ladies to catch the wedding bouquet of the bride. According to this custom, the lady that will catch the bouquets will be the next one to get married.


The Bridesmaid


Bridesmaids are usually the bride’s friends who help her celebrate the most important event of her life in a big way. The bridesmaids wear outfits of similar color or pattern and also carry a small bouquet themselves. They help the bride to get ready and makes sure that all the things related to the bride are in place.


Best Man and Maid of Honor


The Best Man and Maid of Honor are the two most important people in the groom’s and bride’s life. Being the best people, they are supposed to see that every arrangement is in place. And they should assist the bride and groom with all their requirements. The maid of honor helps the bride and bridesmaid to select their dresses. And similarly, the best man helps the groom to select his tuxedo. They are also responsible for arranging for the pre-wedding parties (if any) and make sure that everything is taking place as per the decided to plan.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


Flower girls are cute little girls that spread flowers down the aisle from where the bride shall pass. Today, the flower girls do not necessarily spread flowers. There are bubbles that they blow or teddy bears that they carry

Ring bearer, also known as a ring boy is a small boy who is given the responsibility of getting the rings of the bride and the groom. After the wedding vows are exchanged, the ring bearer hands over the rings to the bride and the groom. If the ring boy is not available, the best man of the groom hands over the rings to the couple.


The Rings


Like everywhere else, rings play an important role in American weddings. They wear it in the 4th finger which also known as the ring finger as the vein of that finger is considered being connected with the heart. We can make rings of gold, platinum or any other metal. Usually, rings have diamonds on them as they consider diamonds as the symbol of love. Off late a new trend is taking place where couples engrave their names or any other small message on the ring. You can find these types of rings or bands at Javda.com.


Throwing rice


After we exchange the rings, the guests throw rice on the newlywed couple. Which is a way of saying that they are very happy to be a part of their happiness? And wish them all the luck and happiness of the world. These days rice is replaced by the bubbles or flower petals depending upon the theme of the wedding




After the wedding ceremony gets over, the couple with their families may invite guests to a small reception party for food and drinks. There may be cake cutting, dance, music, and fun wedding reception. You can also find speeches by the couple, their friends and family along with some fun games and dinner.

So those were some things that make the wedding a huge success. Some people may follow all these traditions whereas some may want to skip some. It all depends upon the couple. Weddings have always been a big part of every culture.