6 Best Way to Get Engaged This Holiday


Everyone is setting goals and life plans to start the upcoming year in the best way possible. Some people make commitments around a healthier lifestyle, getting fit, get a new job, start an entrepreneurial way, and many others are looking forward to sharing their lives with someone else. How perfect can this time of the year to promise eternal love? Very much, here we’ll show you the best six ways to get engaged during this holiday with that special person.

1. New year, new love!


It’s December 31st at night and everyone’s happy, counting the minutes to receive the new year and with it. All the good wishes and dreams while hugging everyone and making a toast for being alive. Now imagine this crazy scenario where everyone, and especially you, is counting the minutes to fulfill your dream of being with your most beloved person.

To celebrate an engagement at this very moment could be so special as people would join in happiness and new year’s resolution couldn’t be more clear to the universe: you want to start your year with a new life, sharing what’s most precious for humankind: love.

2. How about a paradise island?


Those footsteps you’re seeing above could be yours and your beloved one. How about that? We like to travel and to know the world, we maybe had our time to do it by our own or with friends but what about to fulfill this paradise land dream with that special person and promising eternal love there. Now, that’s magic.

You don’t need to be rich to accomplish this, just need to be with a person who loves to travel and who is capable of planning and commitment, and a very strong goal.  Some paradise islands at the Caribbean such as Los Roques in Venezuela are really affordable and many times, an unknown place for a lot of people, which is great. Promising love in a warm place at the Caribbean Sea, away from the cold winters and away from daily lifestyle could be really for you, think about it.

3. Christmas or Hanukkah? Family reunited in joy? Let’s get married


It’s not a secret, Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations are the best way to gather all the family and maybe that’s really important for your significant other or even for you. There could be discussions, problems or maybe not so pleasant situations with family members during the year but that could be, at least for a moment, forgotten during this time of the year. Everyone’s happy giving and receiving gifts and being and giving love, everyone would love to see you happy with your better gift under the tree: the person you really love. Go and gather all the families, enjoy a delightful dinner and make perhaps the most important commitment in life: get engaged with your special someone!

4. Let’s be a gift under the tree


Continuing talking about the Christmas or Hanukkah times. What do you think of being the main gift for that special person? There’s no need to go in extreme mode and wrap yourself in a special and giant gift. You can make some kind of riddle or play to put your engagement ring into a gift to your beloved one can open it up in the middle of the joyful times with the family and friends, would be that a nice surprise? Of course, it is. This is not about getting engaged at the dinner like the last item. But to make of commitment the best gift ever. Give love, give passion, give a surprise like a Love Santa Claus.

5. The holiday is not only December, what about Valentine’s Day


See that? What about surprising her/him in the most important day of the year for the fall in love. This holiday can be a long time in so many countries as winter won’t go away until March/April. Yet we can get warm giving love and make the vows with that person. You can organize the most romantic date with chocolate, fun, roses, and experiences. And hide a ring in there or if it was planned before just go big and get engaged in that same day, you need to be creative. For her, you can build a rose’s road, get strangers people to give her a rose from time to time. Just show her how special she is. Always remember that being special is not a synonym of being expensive, don’t get stuck.

6. Take advantage of the winter and use it!


Want to remember some childhood as you get prepared to love someone forever? is your fiancé of the fun type? Maybe this one could be for you. Winter is here to stay during its holiday in almost every part of the world. Why don’t take advantage of it and go to some amazing skating rink to have fun in the ice? While the proposal to your beloved one to engage or even to celebrate the marriage there if you’re crazy enough.

All your family and friends are invited. But wait, everyone must learn how to skate in ice. We don’t want to have any injuries at such an important time. If everything’s ready to look for a Skating rink, away from people or with so many people. However, you both prefer and prepare to get fun and get loved forever!